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5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Home Appliances

Nothing lives forever, especially not your appliances. Find out about 5 common, telltale signs that it’s time to upgrade and replace your home appliances.

When It’s Time for a Kitchen (and Laundry Room) Upgrade

Nothing lasts forever; it’s true. And, though some appliances are notoriously long-lived, most of us know that replacing our appliances every decade or so is just a matter of course when you own a home.

As well made as some brands of appliances are, it can be challenging to know exactly when to take the plunge and dive into buying a whole new suite of appliances for your laundry room and kitchen. Here then, is a guide, complete with five signs that it may be time to upgrade your home appliances, even though they may still be technically “working.”

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1 – Your Kitchen Looks Like a Used Appliance Showroom or a Museum

If you can look around your home and spy appliances from more than one decade, then that might be a good sign that it’s time for an upgrade. Your kitchen may function just fine with an enameled avocado stove from the 1970s, an off-white icebox from the 1960s, and a stainless and black dishwasher, but the aesthetics of your home are suffering for it.

Don’t let your kitchen look like an appliance old folks home, especially if you’re gearing up to put the property on the market any time soon.

2 – You’ve Lost the Joy of Cooking (or Doing the Laundry)

The trouble with some brands is that they keep technically “working” while no longer functioning at the same level that they used to. Sure, you can bake a pan of brownies, if you turn the pan three times and move it up one shelf and then down two in twenty-four minutes, or you can get all your laundry dry if you run the dryer three and a half times.

But, wouldn’t you rather that your appliances did what they were supposed to and saved you work by working the way they did when you first bought them?

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3 – The Noise Is Starting to Become a Problem

This one is for the dishwasher, and the washing machine, and the fridge, and…. Well, if you can’t have a phone conversation or watch a movie in the next room (or anywhere in the house) because your appliances are too loud, then maybe you need new appliances.

4 – The Appliances Just Don’t Fit Into Your Life

Contemporary appliances have been designed to fit into contemporary lifestyles. They offer a wide variety of programmable functions to make it easier for you to cook and clean around your busy schedule. Some even come with smartphone functionality so you can tell them what to do without having to be in your home at the same time.

If you’re not using your current appliances because you can’t fit using them into your busy schedule, then maybe it’s time for new appliances.

5 – You Want to Do Something for Your Pocketbook and the Planet

The older an appliance is, the less energy efficient it becomes (if it was at all energy efficient to begin with). Contemporary appliances will help you save money on your electric bill and your gas bill. They also will help cut down on our overall energy consumption as a species, thus doing something to help combat climate change and pollution.

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Finding the Right Reason to Go Appliance Shopping

You don’t need anyone’s permission to go shopping for new appliances. If you want them, you should have them. But, if you recognize your current appliances in one or more of the items in this article, then you should probably consider an upgrade.

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