7 Tips for Incorporating Your Passion into Your Home Decor

by Rana WaxmanOctober 9, 2018

Wondering how to personalize your living space? Bridge the gap between the things you are passionate about and your home decor. Any space can reflect your tastes in furniture and preferred color palette but 2019 is about conversation-starting pieces. So why not bring your behind-the-scenes talents and past-times to the foreground? This way, you’ll infuse your home with meaning.

Do you have a passion for photography, travel, yoga, or gardening? A starting point is key. Even if that means you’re an eclectic at heart. Follow these 7 tips to incorporate your passion into your home decor.

Zen eco friendly living room

1. Identify Yourself

Before you rush into online shopping mode, identify your passion personality.

You might find yourself living in an urban jungle and want to show your outdoorsy/natural style. Luckily, 2019 is the year of green and eco-friendly decor. Borrow from nature’s hues by choosing paint in floral pink, mushroom or Vardo (Farrow and Ball). Add a wood coffee table to add an earth element. Plants are the new floral centerpiece this year, so surround your home with lush greenery.

2. Define Your Décor Style

Are you drawn to sleek modern or boho? Do you love anything art deco or funky? Whatever your personality style, streamline purchases and paint colors to reflect it.

For instance, you can put your zest for adventure and travel to work in your living room. Popular in 2019 are wall hangings, sustainable fabrics, and matte black. Add a clay mask and tribal throw pillow to showcase different cultures. Buy an atlas or frame an old map. Even a vintage leather suitcase could be re-purposed.

3. Gather Your Belongings

Group together any items that reflect your talents, skills, ambitions, and hobbies. This includes tools of the trade like your camera collection, memorabilia or vintage treasures, photos, artwork, china, etc.

If all you crave is zen, pair collections down and invest in multi-use storage (all the rave). Bring hygge to the foreground with a cozy knit throw for the sofa. Add cozy, comfy pillows and a tasteful arrangement of candles. You don’t have to go Scandinavian white, but soft warm grays/neutrals will work well. Draw inspiration from new colors like Drop Cloth, Farrow & Ball.

4. Mood Enhance

Ideally, you want to put your passion to use as a mood enhancer for your décor. This is where some skill and thought come into play.

Match your specific passion to the vibe you want to create in any particular room. You may like to meditate but putting a meditation corner in the kitchen isn’t ideal. For that, you need to create a sense of space and calm.

On the flip side, you could paint a kitchen or dining area in a spicy color (Eros Red, Sherwin Williams). This could help showcase your passion for cooking. Then, use some of your collectibles to tell the story of how you began the journey.

5. Focus on a Goal

Choose one passion per room to avoid clutter or weave a theme throughout. This is especially helpful when you have to decorate with and around another person. One of you might have to take the corridor for a hat collection. The other, a wall for the musical instruments and albums.

6. Re-think Storage

Think of any arrangement of items as a form of art. Display things with purpose as any museum would. If you love sewing and knitting, line up mason jars filled with buttons and knitting needles. Deepen the visual experience by painting the shelf a different color. Use a bar cart (very hot this year) for something other than liquor. Think outside the box.

Even a closet is fair ground in this process. Hang some artwork or put your collection of vintage handbags on display. If you like to see it or you reach for it every day, chances are it reflects your hobbies. It is time to stop hiding!

7. Don’t Overdo

Rooms often serve several purposes (eating, chilling, tv, reading). If this is the case, you may want to use the same paint color throughout.

Then use an accent wall to bring a pop of color. This backdrop could bring to the foreground one of your passions. A wall of skateboards or art you’ve collected from travels. Devote one wall to you whether this means through a bold contrast or a shade in the same family as the rest of the room.

What brings you to a happy place? Get real and get to it. This is the year you set the decor trends!

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