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Creating DIY Halloween Decor From Items You May Already Own

With Halloween just around the corner, here are some simple ways to decorate with DIY Halloween decor using items you may already have.

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One of the joys of home ownership is adding your special touch to make your house your home. Not just in hanging pictures or putting pillows on your couch, but also when decorating your home for the holidays. With Halloween just around the corner, here are some simple ways to decorate just with things you would find in your home that won’t break the bank:

One of my favorite yogurts come in a glass jar and make the perfect votive. Simply wrap with a ribbon the width of the jar and glue. Wrap with an accent ribbon and drop in some LED flickering tea lights.

Have a random plate you no longer need? Use Halloween napkins and decoupage to give it a vintage spooky look. Cut around the image and use a small paintbrush to brush the decoupage, let dry and use a stand to show off your creation.

Succulents and cactus are very trendy right now, why not make them come alive with a Frankenstein inspired flower pot?! Green paint, yellow paint, a black paint marker, hot glue, and a couple loose screws complete this look.

At the beginning of the year, we made sauerkraut and I held onto the jar it came in, which made the perfect container for our large mummy votive. All you need is some gauze, a couple googly eyes, and an LED flickering votive. Wrap the gauze part way and secure with hot glue. Hot glue the googly eyes and then continue wrapping covering just the top and bottom of the eyes to give the appearance.

With some black cardstock, twine and a hole punch, you can create your very own bat garland. Use any extra paper to create additional bats and use removable glue dots to look like bats have taken over your home.

Yarn and pipe cleaners are all you’ll need to create some furry spiders. Wrap the yarn around a plastic card about 40 times. Cut the pipe cleaners in half so you have four total. Tie the yarn around the middle, cut the loops, give your spider a bit of a haircut and bend the end of the legs. Suspend with dental floss so it looks like your furry friend dropped in to say hello.

Instead of recycling your coffee can, use painters tape to create a pumpkin face. Spray paint the can and let dry. After it’s dry, remove the tape, put the lid on the bottom of the can, and add your favorite fall flowers for a cute little planter.

By removing the sleeves on a couple of books, the actual books were the perfect Halloween colors. Just by adding a strip of black cardstock and with a metallic marker, you now have some Halloween inspired reading.

Instead of heading to the stores to purchase your decor, look around your home to see what you can create on your own. With just a little bit of imagination, you can create some spooky fun with little to no out of pocket expense. Which will not only impress your friends with your creativity but will also leave you more money to add more permanent personal touches in your home!

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