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The Most Popular Home Decor Styles in the South

Got a thing for home decor? Do you have to go to HomeGoods or At Home at least once a week? Easy there, take a minute to check out the most popular home decor styles in the south. It’s not retail therapy, but it’s pretty close!

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The Most Popular Home Decor Styles in the South

Nothing says “Howdy, y’all” like a proper southern home. No matter where you live in the country, a home isn’t complete without home decor. Southerners tend to take their homes seriously because where else can you gossip with the neighbors on a hot summer day over a glass of iced tea? Home decor styles vary within the American South. Have you ever heard the saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas”? Despite that, you might be surprised by what trends Texans follow when it comes to decor. What about “Sweet Home Alabama?” What makes it so sweet? If you want to know what’s all the rage in Southern decor, take a look below.

A map of the southern states highlighted by three home decor styles: contemporary, shabby chic, and bohemian.

Shabby Chic

We might as well start here because you’ve probably heard this phrase quite often, but you might not know what it is. To put in in plain English, shabby chic is anything a fancy southern belle that was raised on a farm would love. Characterized by its aged or antique look, shabby chic blends delicate finishes with vintage aesthetics. Shabby chic is often referred to as country chic and vintage chic — see what I meant by being raised on a farm? Anything that has seen better days yet has a classic charm can fall into this category. Popular shabby chic items include end tables, sofas and settees, artwork, fine china, vintage appliances, and vintage bedposts. Color palettes that are associated with shabby chic include shades of pinks, cream, white, and tan.

Popular in: Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee


Modern, contemporary, casual, eclectic… these are all names that basically mean you have a more sleek taste. From stainless appliances to that funny shaped light fixture, contemporary decor focuses on simple artistic aesthetics that have an emphasis on angles, lines, and just an overall clean look. The most popular contemporary trend is mid-century modern. This retro take on contemporary decor has a dated feel but it’s not quite shabby chic, instead, geometric shapes, organic forms, and a lack of embellishment are staples in this style. Contemporary decor also focuses on elements like granite, wood, and natural finishes to enhance a room, rather than color.

Popular in: Texas, Florida, Virginia, and Maryland


We weren’t expecting bohemian to be a popular southern style, but it’s a contender nonetheless. Bohemian is the carefree style that’s inspired by simple pieces with a fun flare. Anything from macrame to fringe can be staples of bohemian. The word Bohemian itself comes from the French meaning “gypsy.” Bohemian style can be categorized as busy, messy, or fun, a drastic shift from contemporary styles. If you love relaxed, eccentric aesthetics, then Bohemian is definitely for you! The great thing about this style is that no two pieces are the same, and decorating can be really interesting. If you have a thing for knitted duvet covers but also want to hang potted plants from your bright orange walls, you can do it! Colors that are popular with bohemian decor includes anything earthy and natural like oranges, yellows, browns, greens, and purples.

Popular in: Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and West Virginia.

Don’t forget to check out the most popular home styles in the south and search our home listings, the perfect southern home might be well within your reach!

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