Fan of Rock History? You’re Going to Love This Woodstock, NY Property!

by Jamey MortonOctober 4, 2018

There’s a Purple House Over Yonder

This house turned hotel, known affectionately as the White Dove Rockotel, has appeared in movies, magazines, and almost countless selfies. The sherbet-purple and pink house is rock-themed, which is appropriate given its location in Woodstock — yes, that Woodstock, New York. The same one that boomers either went to once and can’t bring themselves to stop talking about, or else didn’t go and have loudly regretted it the rest of their lives.

The house and hotel has themed rooms based on the life and music of such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, and many more. Whether you’re into rock and roll history or are just a huge fan of the color purple—in a home decorating sort of way—this may be the perfect house or hotel for you and your loved ones (or paid guests).

Purple rockotel

Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me a Purple Rockotel?

You may not be interested in the themed rooms or even keeping the house a hotel, and that’s for the best, because if you were… too bad. The home and its themed rooms is a “branded business” and all decoration will be stripped out and taken by the current owners before closing is final.

But, if the rock and roll walls could talk… they’d probably tell you that the spirit of great music lives deeper in the bones of the home (and in the greater Woodstock area) than any mere decorations could convey, man. Like, Janis, Jimi, and Joni will live on in this house (Joni Mitchell is still alive, by the way).

Purple rockotel

Let’s Look at the Home From Both Sides Now

So enough about its rock and roll association and themed guest rooms. Let’s talk about the house you could actually buy—the house that will remain once the decorations are stripped away and after the purple gets painted over.

Purple rockotel

This home is a completely renovated Woodstock Village Victorian with four bedrooms and five complete baths. It’s got a tiny guesthouse as well, and three of the suite bedrooms have separate entrances from the main house. The home also has a gorgeous bluestone patio in a courtyard with a fire pit out back, and a traditional screened-off porch for hot nights and cool summer meals.
Purple rockotel

A Lovely Home in a Great Area for a Great Price

Purple bedecked Woodstock rock and roll hotel with themed rooms or not, this is a gorgeous home for a large family, or someone looking to run their own bed and breakfast or Airbnb business in the Woodstock Village area.

With all the local festivals (many of which have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that a large mud bath with electric guitars was once erected nearby), you’ll either have a fantastic getaway or a thriving business, once you’ve closed on this house. The property is on the market for just under seven hundred thousand dollars, making this a true steal of a home.

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