Biggest Military Bases in the Country

by Mahogany WaldonNovember 2, 2018

The United States military has been around since 1775, just a little over a year before American Independence. Since then, the military has been highly regarded as a staple for uniting people from all over the world and defending the rights of not only US citizens, but for all. The US military is also the most powerful military in the world. Just in time for Veteran’s Day, has compiled a list of the biggest military bases (by population) across the five branches of the US Armed Forces: Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and the Army. These bases help to strengthen local economies through employment opportunities and revenue, they stand as beacons of safety for their respective locales, and they offer resources to active-duty personnel, families, and veterans alike.A map of the biggest military bases in the U.S.

  1. Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia

    Naval Station Norfolk supports Naval Forces in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and the Indian Ocean. The station is home to over 75 ships, 14 piers, 134 air crafts, and 11 aircraft hangars. Built over 100 years ago in 1917, Naval Station Norfolk’s population includes more than 80,000 active duty personnel, 112,000 family members, and 30,000 civilians. For those who live near the station in the City of Norfolk, the area is diverse with residents from all over the country, in large part due to so many military personnel stationed being there. Norfolk is a coastal city with stretches of shoreline around the town. Although military housing is an option for the families of service members, the average cost of a home in Norfolk is $184,400, which is below the nation’s national average of $215,564. The base offers resources to sailors and veterans ranging from support services like childcare to counseling and financial assistance.

  2. Scott Air Force Base, St. Clair County, Illinois (Tie)

    Just 25 miles east of downtown St. Louis sits Scott Air Force Base. This base was also built in 1917, right as the U.S. was entering WWI. The air force base offers a variety of services to airmen/women and their families including, but not limited to: family housing options, relocation assistance, employment and family readiness programs, and even support for servicemen/women that have family members with special needs. The good news for those living in this Midwest town (at or near the base) is the average home costs about $98,000, making St. Clair County an extremely affordable place to live.

  3. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Greene County, Ohio (Tie)

    Much like Scott AFB, Wright-Patterson was established in 1917 as a WWI installation. Greene County, Ohio, the county seat of Xenia, has a population of just over 161,000 residents, with 27,000 people working at Wright-Patterson. This AFB is the largest single-site employer in Ohio. The base offers airman and family readiness support for financial assistance, housing, leadership and development programs, and more. The median home price in Greene County is $187,000.

  4. Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, California

    Camp Pendleton is the largest US Marine Corps base in the country. Located in SoCal, this camp functions as a training site for combat readiness. Oceanside is a scenic beach town and the base isn’t far from San Diego and Los Angeles. The average home costs $533,000 in Oceanside, but for those that are family of marines, Camp Pendleton offers family housing options as well as income tax assistance to help with any financial burdens. There are also family team building services that provide support from family readiness to a relationship enhancement program. Military life can be hard, but taking advantage of services provided by one’s base can make life a little easier.

  5. Guard Station Kodiak, Kodiak, Alaska

    There’s not much in the small town of Kodiak, Alaska with its population of 6,130 residents but it’s the home to US Coast Guard Station Kodiak. For enlistees and their families, the base offers housing plans and assistance, a spouses association, and a retiree service program to strengthen the bond between the Coast Guard and its veterans. Kodiak is a beautiful, mountainous island and any commercial transportation between the town and the outside requires the use of a ferry or airplane. The average home price in Kodiak is $343,200.

  6. Fort Bragg, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

    There’s a lot to brag about when it comes to Fort Bragg! Fort Bragg isn’t just the biggest Army base in the US, it’s also the biggest Army installation in the world (by population). The base has over 50,000 active-duty personnel. Fort Bragg was built during WWI in 1918, and since then, its grown to now housing over 4,000 households with more than 85% of families having children under the age of 18. Even more military families live around the base in cities like Fayetteville. The base offers family support and housing assistance. Fort Bragg is also home to the US Military’s Airborne Forces. The average home price in Fayetteville is $107,300. would like to thank all of the active-duty personnel and veterans that serve and have served in the US Military. If you’re a veteran looking to buy a home, we have some tips on how you can get financed. If you have questions or need assistance, reach out to our friends at Veterans United! Let us know if you are or were stationed at one of these bases in the comments below.

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