CA Home of Former President Richard Nixon Comes Up for Sale

by Jamey MortonNovember 8, 2018

Meet La Casa Pacifica, located in San Clemente, California. This is the most significant oceanfront estate in Southern California (or so the listing description says). Located on almost five and a half acres of pristine, beautiful oceanfront property, this nine-bedroom and fourteen-bath home, with fifteen thousand total square feet of combined living space, is definitely a stunner.

That it is also the former home of disgraced and pardoned President Richard M. Nixon may make it either more or less appealing, depending on the buyer. Just imagine what surprises await you should you ever find the secret passages and hidden microphones! Is there a hidden bowling alley behind the library wall where Elvis’s real skeleton gathers dust? You can only find out once you have the keys in hand and the place to yourself.

All of it can be yours, hidden recording devices included, for a mere sixty-three and a half million dollars.

richard nixon home

The Estate and Its Location

Regardless of its political provenance, the estate features spacious and beautiful seaside gardens, an oceanfront swimming pool, a lighted tennis court, its own putting green, and a three thousand square foot entertaining pavilion. It also has a guest wing off the main house, a separate two-bedroom self contained guesthouse, and staff quarters for a small army of attendants.

San Clemente is a beautiful little beach town, located south of Los Angeles in Orange County. It’s known for its original Spanish architecture, and for being home to one of the largest penitentiaries in California – the irony.

richard nixon home

The Home and All Its Attendant Buildings

From just about any window in the entire five-acre walled compound, you can get a taste of the Pacific Ocean, either by sound, smell, or direct view of the estate’s 450 feet of private beach. The Spanish Colonial Revival architecture of the home sits behind three sets of gates “for privacy,” and the property has been featured in Architectural Digest and other magazines on more than one occasion.

The main home features open beam ceilings, exquisite tile work, and beautiful appointments and decorative elements throughout. This is a true estate – mansion, gardens, servants’ quarters, pool, tennis quart, golf green, entertaining areas, guest quarters, and every other piece of the opulent, luxurious puzzle complete, manicured, and in place.

The House That Dick Built

richard nixon home

The man who “opened China,” changed the face of American politics, and had a bowling alley installed at the White House is no longer with us. If you’re looking for a nice home sprinkled with a little scandal, this home can be yours for just over sixty-three million dollars.

Sure, a private beach, three sets of compound walls, servants’ quarters, and everything else comes along with it. But that’s beside the point; the real interest in this property has more to do with the fact that it was Nixon’s house, right? That’s up to the next buyer to decide…

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