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Converting an Unused Bedroom Into a Fitness Studio: DIY Tips and More

When the kids leave the nest, turning their bedroom into a fitness studio will ensure the space gets used. Here’s how to make good use from a newly unused room.

Getting the Best Use Out of Your Empty Nest Home

Every mother and father eventually experiences empty nest syndrome. This is a period that occurs after their last child has left home. The once noisy and chaotic home is now quiet, and this can leave some parents feeling a bit melancholy. What makes it worse is that the home now has bedrooms that aren’t being utilized for their intended purpose.

One way that parents can deal with their empty nest syndrome while making good use out of the unused rooms is to transform one into a fitness studio. And, it’s easier than you might think, but there are some things you need to consider and do along the way.

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Fitness Preferences

Most child bedrooms tend to be small, so you have a limited amount of space to work with from the get-go. This makes it extra-important for you to determine what type of fitness options you prefer most. This way you can make sure you fit in the equipment for your essentials.

For example, if you are creating a studio for yoga or pilates, then the sky is the limit because they don’t require much, but if you want to incorporate bulky weightlifting equipment, an elliptical machine, or a treadmill, then how you will design your studio will center around these large items.

Choosing the Flooring

If there’s carpet in the room already, you can choose to leave it intact, but for more serious workouts, you should strongly consider replacing the old carpet with flooring that’s more suitable for exercise. The two most common options are shock-absorbing workout tiles and rubber flooring. These surfaces provide better traction, support, cushioning, and noise-dampening qualities, which will be important for those below the room.

Audio and Video

Audio and video play large roles in exercise. Whether you like to follow along with exercise videos, watch your favorite shows while jogging on the treadmill, or listen to some encouraging music while you’re sweating away, having decent audio and video solutions in the room is a must. They not only make workouts more enjoyable, but they can also keep you motivated and help the time speed past.

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Wall Color

Odds are, the color of the walls in your child’s old room won’t be conducive to working out. So, you will need to paint the room before you start moving equipment in. Color has a dramatic impact on how we feel, so you should paint the room a color that complements the type of exercise you intend to do in the room. This will put you in the right state of mind whenever you enter the space to work out.

For instance, someone who does yoga may workout better in a light blue room because the color is relaxing and calm. Or, for those who like running on a treadmill, orange paint on the walls might help get you enthusiastic about your workout. Other considerations can include green, which improves concentration; or pink, which zaps negative energy from the room.

Meanwhile, using mirrors and lighter colors is recommended for rooms that feature a lot of heavy, industrial-looking equipment.

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Decorative Options

The décor in your fitness room should be minimal, but hanging encouraging posters or wall decor can help keep you motivated toward your goals. Distracting artwork, like posters of cityscapes or natural landscapes, can also help pull your mind away from your pain or discomfort, thus allowing you to get in a few more minutes of your workout.

If the exercise you like doing has you on the floor and on your back for periods of time, then you should also think about posting encouraging photos on the ceiling. Other essentials include a space for cooling down, a table to hold your water bottle, and a towel rack for your towel.

The idea is to make your fitness room as functional and comfortable as possible. After all, you wouldn’t use it otherwise. Plus, taking the time to turn an unused bedroom into a fitness room will help you get into shape without the cost and inconvenience of paying for a gym membership.

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