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Get Down to Brass Tacks: Add Brass to Your Home Decor

Unlike the shiny brass of the late 90’s, brass is making its way into magazines and on retail shelves. This time brass has a whole new look, which is more appealing in today’s decor. See how to add brass to your home.

As with fashion, there are also trends in home decor that come back into style after a few years hiatus. Unlike the shiny brass of the late 90’s, brass is making its way into magazines and on retail shelves. This time brass has a whole new look, which is more appealing in today’s decor.

Brass fixtures add warmth and interest to a space.

Brass known as a timeless classic, was pushed aside by the oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and flat black trends of recent years. In an effort to spice up home decor, the introduction of mixing metal finishes is becoming common practice. This newer decor trend has offered a new opportunity for brass to make it’s way back into the interior decorating scene. Brass gives that added pop of color and interest unlike the other metals available. With it’s warm yet muted tones and vintage appeal, brass is making its presence known.

The Coastal Living Idea house in Beaufort, SC spotlights mixing metal finishes in the master bathroom.

Interior designers took the lead by taking the plunge to reintroduce brass into everyday decor about a couple of years ago. Bold statements through brass lighting and brass bathroom fixtures was a step to bring this metal statement back into light.

The Coastal Living Idea House living room using brass sconces to light up the space.

However, brass has taken a little bit more time for the trend to catch on in mainstream decor. This fall, more and more box store retailers have brass available in their home decor lines.

This round mirror from Target is perfect for an entry or your bathroom.

The timing of brass making its reappearance is perfect with the holidays fast approaching, bringing brass back will definitely be an easy decor trend to incorporate. From light fixtures, furniture, mirrors, toilet paper holders, and everything in between, the new age brass is coming in strong. Even trendsetting Joanna Gaines gave a nod with her Hearth and Hand line at Target this fall.

This candelabra is perfect for any table setting from the Hearth and Hand Collection at Target.

What does that mean for the current home buyer? Stay patient when you move into your new home. While keeping up with the trends makes your home feel current, it may not be within budget. If updating your fixtures is not a possibility, or if you move into a home that has fixtures you love, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to be on trend.

Brass shelving brackets add a subtle touch to decor.

Adding things like lamps, picture frames, or shelving with the brass elements can help to bring your decor up to date. In reality, like it was stated earlier, it’s actually more on trend to mix metals than to have everything match.

If you are preparing your home for the market and want to make some upgrades, do not be afraid. By pulling in brass tones to warm up your space, you will welcome potential home buyers looking for a home with updated finishes. Even if that means simply staging your home with some brass finds.

Bottom line it’s best to remain open-minded when it comes to home decor. Whether you want to take the plunge to update the fixed fixtures in your home or just add a few subtle decor elements, there really is no right or wrong answer. Brass is definitely making it obvious that it has a place back in home decor and it will be around for a while. Check out our infographic below for other new ways to incorporate brass in your home.

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