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How to Use Landscaping for Privacy

Choosing to use landscaping in an effort to provide privacy in an outdoor space is a great way to add natural beauty to the environment. Consider all of these plants when planning on landscaping for privacy your own yard.

Surrounding your home with beautiful landscaping is an important part of creating a polished overall look. Plants can be used for a wide range of reasons including adding depth and interest to a space as well as a touch of lovely color and variety to your outdoor areas. Landscaping can also be cleverly used to provide important aspects of privacy so that you can enjoy the outdoors without necessarily needing to chat with the neighbors too. Check out these helpful ways on how to use landscaping for privacy around your home.

Grow A Natural Fence

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There are plenty of plant options when it comes to building a natural fence for your outdoor living space. Using such varieties like arborvitae and other evergreen trees are a great way to quickly add privacy to your space without needing much room at all. Certain types, like the Thuja Green Giant, can grow as much as 3 feet per year and have a spread of 5-6 feet at maturity. Just a few of these strategically placed between you and the neighbor, or perhaps on the edge of one side of the patio, will help in creating a natural barrier.

Plant Climbers

Choosing any kind of plant that grows quickly is a great option for providing instant privacy to a home. Consider planting climbing roses at the base of an archway, fence, or even a porch to allow the plant to grow upwards. Climbing roses not only provide a lot of beauty and sweet fragrance to an outdoor space but also attract pollinators as well. Ivy is another great climbing option that can create privacy quickly. Make sure to keep ivy tamed though as some varieties aren’t the greatest neighbors and can quickly overcome nearby plants. Use climbing plants when trying to provide partial privacy, on the bottom part of a patio area or deck, to help block a partial view.

Create A Hedge

The more popular privacy and landscaping design tactics used by the leading landscaping companies is to create hedges. Boxwood is an easy to grow shrub that is the workhorse in privacy landscaping. Boxwoods are very unique in their ability to adapt to many different outdoor spaces. Plant them in a row in front of an outdoor seating area to provide just enough privacy while sitting in the sun. Other ways to include boxwoods are to grow them in planters and clipping them into different shapes to provide a touch of privacy as well as a lot of interest to a space. Boxwoods can be trimmed into different shapes making them an excellent addition to any outdoor space.

Add Blooms of Privacy

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If you are looking for a shrub to provide privacy consider choosing privet which offers a multitude of beautiful blooms every spring. Privet is a fast-growing shrub that can be planted alone or in hedges. It can grow up to 3 feet taller each year and can offer enough privacy in a yard fairly quickly. Prune privet regularly when growing in a hedge to tame the branches. Enjoy the lovely traits of this large shrub, as well as the many pollinators that will visit, in an effort to provide privacy as well as entertainment.

Invest with Trees

Although they are slower growing than other privacy plants, trees are a great way to invest in your landscaping for the future. A mature tree will not only add beauty to your space but will also provide shade to your home and outdoor living area. Trees will provide privacy throughout the spring to fall which can be important, especially if you want to keep your second story bedroom window open without worrying about neighbors. Trees provide a natural barrier of shade and privacy in a yard.

Choosing to use landscaping in an effort to provide privacy in an outdoor space is a great way to add natural beauty to the environment. Locate areas within your yard that need more privacy and plant those varieties that will add either a little or a lot of privacy to a space. Consider all of these plants when planning on adding privacy with landscaping in your own yard.

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