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Is There Any Way This Cape Vincent, NY Mansion Isn’t Haunted?

If you’ve ever wanted to live in what could pass as a horror film location, this abandoned Carleton Island, NY mansion might just be the home for you.

A House Fit for a Poltergeist, in New York

Halloween may have come and gone already this year, but there’s no reason to stop scaring yourself just yet. What could be more classically frightening than spending the night in an abandoned mansion on a small island in upstate New York? Bring your friends and your flashlights to see this listing, and play the game of who can last the longest without running and screaming into the night.

This Cape Vincent mansion on the Southwestern tip of Carleton Island in the St. Lawrence River, just downstream from Lake Ontario is known as the Carleton Island Villa, and it has the genuine look and genuine feel of a haunted house. Plus, it also has a bit of haunted history going for it.

The property was built in the 1890s for a typewriter-manufacturing tycoon who died of a heart attack (under what can be called mysterious circumstances) on the first night in his new home. Cue the eerie music as we begin our tour of this crumbling estate that hasn’t been lived in since 1927, but is now on the market for just under a half million dollars.

haunted mansion

A Home for the Brave, or a Seriously Ghostly Handyman

This typewriter magnate’s dream home has not been lived in for more than ninety years. Yet, its massive stone foundation and sturdy wood frame have stood the test of time. And they’ve done it against the elements and harsh climate of upstate New York, even with its windows and doors having been removed at some point between when it was abandoned and the WWII.

At its essence, the villa is a crumbling Queen Anne Victorian beauty, with fantastic turn of the last century architecture, complete with minarets and more gables and arches than you could ever hope for. And, although it would take an investment comparable to its half-million dollar asking price to bring it back from the brink of The Amityville Horror it currently represents, here’s what you could do with these bones…

haunted mansion

The Not-So-Haunted Location

The Carleton Island Villa sits on almost seven acres of prime island real estate near the quaint little historic town and village of Cape Vincent. During the War of 1812, the area was home to American forces encamped to repel a British invading force from Ontario in the North. The town is also home to one of the most picturesque lighthouses in North America, the Tibbetts Point Lighthouse.

haunted mansion

The property the home sits on has three waterfronts, with 198 feet of private St. Lawrence River frontage at the foot of the villa’s sturdy foundations. The North Bay river frontage is 287 feet, and the South Bay frontage is 330 feet. This home, if purchased and rejuvenated to something like its former glory, would make an excellent retreat or haunted castle Bed and Breakfast tourist trap – with particular emphasis on the word trap.

haunted mansion

A Mansion… to Die For?

If you have the half million to buy it and another half million to replace the entire interior and all the home’s windows and doors, this home could be the perfect mansion for you. This is especially true, of course, if you fancy yourself as a post-Goth or are looking to start your own cottage industry, terrorizing visitors. Whatever your reasons might be for purchasing a haunted villa on an island near the border, this home is a complete beauty just dying for a proper restoration.

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