Masculine Tones + Feminine Accessories = Your Guide to Fall Decor

by Brooke CribbsNovember 20, 2018

Everyone has their individual decor tastes they gravitate towards in regards to color, style, and function. These styles evoke feeling and mood within the space. While trends like “boho” and “farmhouse” have come onto the scene, “masculine” and “feminine” have always been the underlying foundation for decor. The best part is that the masculine and feminine decor styles can easily coexist in one space making your fall decor much cozier.

When we talk about “masculine” decor styles, terms like “rustic” and “industrial” definitely come to mind. Sleek clean lines, exposed weathered wood, brick, concrete, and warm darker color palette point towards the masculine side of decor. The masculine style is more obvious in the fall as the trees lose their leaves exposing the bark of trees and skies darken also darkening the colors that surround.

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For the feminine side of decor, we think of curves, florals, round chair arms, brighter colors, and softer textures. In the fall, these feminine attributes come to us through vibrant colors of the leaves and pumpkins, the warmth of a faux fur blanket, and the plush velvet used on lounge chairs and pillows.

Blending the masculine and feminine styles in your home decor is not only possible but this fall it is definitely easier. There is a Danish word Hygge, pronounced “hew-guh” that is defined by the Webster dictionary as bringing a “quality of coziness- content and comfortable.” A connection of marrying the masculine and feminine decor styles can evoke these feelings this fall. The warmth of a candle, eating a nice dinner and snuggling up in a blanket all play within this Hygge frame of mind.

Fall colors for this year are taking on more of the deep navy, burgundy, dark teal, and chocolate browns. We’re seeing these colors play out in bold patterns which play towards the masculine side, and the floral for the feminine one. Mixing bold pattern with the floral can happen when the colors stay within the same family.


In the living room, a dark brown leather sofa with velvet pillows and a fur throw are the perfect marriage. Lending a sense of comfort, warmth, and texture this fall. Imagine sitting next to a crackling fireplace with a warm cup of cocoa, and it’s a match made in heaven.

via John Tyson, Unsplash

For the bedroom add fur pillow accents, darker linens, and pale accents to pull in the masculine and feminine sides. Don’t forget about your outdoor space if your weather allows. Layers of lights, wooden furniture, and warm blankets help keep you cozy on the cool fall nights. Kitchens are also the perfect place to add warmth by painting lower cabinets a deep navy accented by brass pulls and topped off with lighter counters.

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Regardless of the current decor trends, masculine and feminine decor will always reign supreme in the world of decor. Meshing the two styles in your current home decor brings a deep feeling of connection. Layering textures, patterns, and creating warmth will create a fall home you won’t want to leave and will be welcoming to your family and friends.

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