Reasons to Choose a Luxury Villa Over a Hotel Room

by Kacey BradleyNovember 9, 2018

Any time you have the chance to travel, you take it. And, while you’re probably happy to stay anywhere that allows you to explore a new locale, you have a choice to make – where will you stay? Hotels are the go-to option, and the fact that most will provide you the same amenities is a comfort when you fly out to far-flung destinations very different from your hometown.

Waterside luxury villa.

However, it’s time to consider a second option – a luxury villa. Although each one is different, you can rest assured that renting one will afford you with features that a hotel room won’t have. Let’s dive in:

Luxury Villas Have Plenty of Space

Imagine you’re taking your next trip with a group of friends, family members, or even a handful of your work colleagues. Staying in a hotel is easy enough – every pair of people can rent a room of their own. However, this can get pricey, and it means you’ll all keep separate quarters for the duration of your getaway.

A luxury villa gives you all the space you need to house everyone under one roof. Not only will this likely be a swap that saves you money, but it also allows everyone to bond when they hang out in the villa’s communal spaces. Then, when it’s time to recharge, everyone can hide away in their own bedrooms.

Luxury Villas Mean Local Treatment

In travel hot spots, the locals are used to tourists, to say the least. They know where the big hotels are, which means they’re likely to avoid those areas. As such, you might not get as authentic of an experience if you’re staying in a popular accommodation.

By renting a luxury villa, though, you’ll find yourself rubbing elbows with those who call your travel destination “home.” In fact, in many destinations — including Spain, Tuscany, Hawaii, the Hamptons, and Cabo San Lucas — the locals know the villas up for rent and respect them, their owners and their temporary tenants. This could all culminate in a much more memorable stay for you on your next trip, so long as you take care to do as the locals do in terms of eating, touring and respecting your new neighbors’ traditions and values.

Luxury Villas Give You the Ideal Location

Sure, plenty of hotels can put you in the heart of the city or on the coast. But they’re also housing hundreds of other guests who will fill the restaurants, shops and beaches nearby. So much for a calm, secluded getaway.

Beautiful private beach.

When you rent a luxury villa, though, you’re likely to have both the home and its grounds to yourself. This means you’ll be on the oceanfront in Costa Rica, staring out into the ocean, and the beach below won’t be crowded by throngs of tourists. Instead, you can reap the restorative properties of the water, on a unique property with features you won’t find elsewhere.

Luxury Villas Put Scheduling in Your Hands

At a hotel, you must make it downstairs for breakfast by 9 or 10 in the morning. After that, you have an hour or so to get dressed and get out of the door by the time housekeeping comes knocking. You don’t want to get in their way, so you then must leave the room for a few hours. On a trip with a packed schedule, this probably isn’t a big deal — you’ll be out of the hotel a lot anyway. But having control of your timing can make your next vacation more pleasant.

Imagine slowly waking up in the morning, taking in the scenery, sitting down for a quiet cup of coffee outside on the porch. Then, you and your travel buddies can whip up a breakfast far tastier than a hotel buffet. When you’re ready, you can leave and, when you’re tired, you can come home, no interruptions or time constraints required. Your villa’s landlord might even be flexible with check-in and check-out times, which is excellent news for weary travelers. You could walk right in and rest as soon as you arrive.

Luxury Villas Make Unforgettable Travel Memories

Finally, try and rack your brain for mental images of the hotels where you stayed on a trip one, five, ten years ago. Can you do it? Or do they all blend together because many hotels — especially properties within the same chain — look the same?

There’s nothing wrong with the standard hotel room — in fact, many travelers find comfort in the fact that they know what they’re going to get at every hotel within the same brand. However, your luxury villa will be more than a comfortable place to hang your hat. It will be a backdrop for incredible memories.

Family snorkeling with school of fish nearby.

So, before your next trip, pause before logging onto your go-to hotel’s website. Seek out a more authentic lodging, and you will find that these and other benefits are true about a luxury villa stay. It’s time to experience it all for yourself.

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