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What Science Has To Say About Your Paint Colors

Science is showing us that paint colors impact our emotions and feelings. Knowing which colors invoke certain emotions can not only add to your quality of life, but it can enhance your home’s resale desirability!

Do you ever enter a room and instantly feel relaxed? Or maybe you enter a room and experience anxiety and stress? There might be a surprising answer to why you feel a certain way: paint colors. Science is showing us that paint colors truly do impact our emotions and feelings. Knowing which colors invoke certain emotions can not only add to your quality of life, but it can enhance your home’s resale desirability! If you’re prepping your home to sell in the near future, it might be worth a weekend round of painting to improve your chances of selling your home!

Gone are the days of random paint colors in each room of the house. Instead, both science and buyers say a cohesive feel that promotes calmness and serenity in a room is the new norm. Moreover, even company executives are paying attention to the science of paint colors by designing office colors to promote productivity and positive moods.

Know Which Colors To Use

When searching for paint colors to create a calm space — like in a bedroom — avoid bold and dark colors. Instead, focus on lighter shades of those bold colors. Soft blues, light tans, grays, or pale green are all good options that science shows create a serene effect on people. But if you love color, don’t fret! Softening the paint colors does not mean that a home must be void of color or personality. Instead, opt for transitional pieces with bold prints, vibrant colors, and warm textures.

Interestingly enough, since there are various shades of each color, some scientists believe that the darker the shade, the less relaxing that color might be. For example, a dark navy might elicit a totally different response than a soft pastel blue.

Red Painted Office

Know Which Colors Not To Use

While bold colors can make a statement, are they making the right statement? Some scientists believe bold colors such as red can create an adverse reaction with people. Others argue that all white walls, especially in an office, do more to hinder productivity.

Some colors have a very specific audience that appreciates them and aren’t distracted by them. Colors such a Kelly green, sunshine yellow, and deep red are all examples of colors that might do more harm than good in affecting your home’s desirability while for sale. Again, use those vibrant colors in accents rather than in wall colors. Instead of Kelly green walls, opt for stylish and soft green throw pillows. Rather than sunshine yellow walls, try incorporating bold yellow accents in your shelf decor.

Knowing that people have a reaction to certain paint colors, it’s important to keep it in mind when you choose to sell your home. Choose a soft color and give the walls a fresh coat of paint to help create a calming, welcoming space to future buyers!

Parlor Paint

Do Your Paint Homework

Many paint companies are recognizing the science behind paint colors and are even curating collections that make it easier for shoppers to identify calming colors that coordinate well. For example, HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams has curated a new 2019 collection aimed at promoting a serene environment. Valspar has a personality quiz to help determine the best colors for your personality. Glidden has compiled a list of the best paint colors to use when selling a house.

If you’re still a little hesitant to cover up that bright orange wall in your kitchen, try using some of the numerous color visualizers to digitally paint the room before you ever even open the paint can! This will help you see how the space looks with more neutral and calming colors. If you’re prepping your home to sell, a Realtor will tell you that paint offers you one of the biggest bangs for your buck. Toning down the color, creating a serene and calm space, and designing a home to feel relaxing will appeal to more buyers and hopefully lead to more offers!

Top Stress Reducing Colors To Use

Who doesn’t want less stress? To promote a calm and stress-free environment for you & your buyers, try out these colors compiled by Huffington Post.

  • Sherwin Williams Bathe Blue (SW 6771) to reduce heart rate and reduce blood pressure.
  • Sherwin Williams Aloe (SW 6464) to create a calm ambiance.
  • Sherwin Williams Jocular Green (SW 6736), which according to the article is one of the most stress-reducing shades.

The next time you grab your paint trays, roller brushes, and drop cloths, don’t forget to brush up on the science of paint colors before you paint! Your stress level and buyers will thank you!

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