Absolutely Unique Steel Frame Home in Portland!

by Jamey MortonDecember 6, 2018

Keeping Portland Weird, One Home at a Time

Portland is a lovely little city of just over four hundred thousand people, tucked along the banks of the Columbia and Willamette rivers in northwest Oregon. This particular home is, on the other hand, a massive steel frame structure of just under fifteen thousand square feet, tucked along the side of a major freeway on the very edge of Portland proper.

If the dream of local denizens is truly to “Keep Portland Weird,” then this may be one of the very weirdest houses in which to live that dream.

After all, this house is more than forty feet tall and resembles an airplane hangar. It’s large enough that it contains a significant in-ground pool, a massive kitchen, and six bedrooms with eight baths. It has a large open floor plan on two main levels, with forty-foot floor-to-ceiling windows along its southern wall that let in so much light, you may feel like you’re outside on the few sunny days Portland gets in a year.

If you’ve ever wanted to live in a airplane hangar on the side of a freeway on the edge of Portland, and you currently have four and a half million dollars to spend, then this unique property might just be the perfect home for you.

airplane hanger in pdx

The Details on the Steel-Construction House

As mentioned above, the home is only five-hundred square feet short of being a mansion-sized, fifteen-thousand square feet. It was constructed with a steel frame and features a massive great room, complete with an in-ground pool. The home’s grand staircase leads up to a second floor that contains most of the home’s eight bathrooms and six baths, including a master suite larger than most area homes on its own. There’s also a home gym involved.

The home’s main floor boasts a game room large enough to fit a full-size pool table, several arcade games, and a regulation shuffleboard table. Next to the in-ground indoor pool, there is a half-court, indoor basketball area. The main floor also has a wet-bar and lounge, as well as an absolutely monumental kitchen, with custom cabinetry and professional grade appliances. The home features a large attic storage space, in case you need that, too.

airplane hanger in pdx

The Grounds Have Got to Be Seen to Be Believed

If the house weren’t jaw-dropping enough on its own, the grounds have got to be witnessed to be believed. Despite the home’s location just off the shoulder of Route 217 where it hits the main highway between Portland and the coast, the grounds of the estate are quite a wonder in to behold.

The home sits just up from a resort-style lagoon, which reflects the home’s towering facade. The property features waterfalls, a large vegetable garden, ample parking for several cars, and patches of wild berries that some might consider an invasive species. The grounds and home together could function as an event space for the right buyer, given the home’s ideal location.

airplane hanger in pdx

Keeping It Surreal in Portland, OR

If you need fifteen thousand square feet and a mini resort for you and your family, then this could be a perfect house for you. Of course, provided you don’t mind the ever-present sound of cars rushing by at seventy miles per hour. You could always pretend it’s the world’s largest sound machine playing the ocean’s lullaby every night.

If you are thinking about opening your own event space and you need a pool, a lagoon, waterfalls, a game room, a gourmet kitchen, and a basketball court to do so, then this could be an ideal property. Either way, you’ll be keeping it surreal in Portland.

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