Delicious Ways to Celebrate National Cookie Day

by Kacey BradleyDecember 3, 2018

December 4 is National Cookie Day! Really, how many things in life are better than nibbling on a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie? And since National Cookie Day falls right in the holiday baking season, why not add it into your annual celebratory repertoire? Whether you’re an experienced baker or a novice in the kitchen, here are eight tasty ways you can celebrate!

Gingerbread cookies in holiday plate.

Bake Up a Unique Batch

Many people have a few favorite cookie recipes they return to year after year. Why not break out of the usual holiday baking grind by trying a unique new recipe? Play with unusual cookie ingredients like avocado, ginger, lychee, or even bacon! You can Google recipes or just pretend you are a contestant on The Food Network’s hit show Chopped. Get creative!

Rock a Vintage Recipe

As fun as it is to experiment, there’s nevertheless something to be said for a good, old-fashioned cookie just like grandma used to make. Check out some of these tasty vintage recipes and be transported back in time to the good ole days.

Indulge in a Pizza: A Cookie Pizza

What’s better than a cookie? A really big cookie! A cookie pizza combines the best of both worlds: a crunchy cookie crust and plenty of space for a sweet variety of toppings. Top your cookie crust with cream cheese frosting, marshmallow fluff, peanut butter, even Nutella! Play with additional toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate chip, raisins, fruit or whatever strikes your fancy!

Make a Bloomin’ Gift Basket

Bouquets are the perfect way to show someone you love that you care, and a bouquet of cookies makes for an even sweeter gift! Simply break out your favorite sugar cookie recipe and add popsicle sticks to create stems as they bake! Select an appropriate container to hold your bouquet. A coffee mug makes a great choice as your recipient can use it to enjoy a latte with their cookies. Decorate your cookies with icing and sprinkles and insert the popsicle base into a small piece of foam in the bottom of the container. You now have the perfect hostess gift to take to your next holiday gathering!

Have a Kiddie Cookie Contest

Many folks have the little ones out of school for the holidays and there’s nothing worse than hearing them whine that they’re bored. So, get them involved by making a cookie contest! Older children can compete to see who can bake up the best tasting treat while younger kids can participate by seeing who can decorate their cookies the prettiest. A cookie contest makes the perfect diversion because no matter who “wins,” everyone gets to share in the prize!

Mother and daughters cooking Christmas cookies.

Spread the Love

The holidays can be a lonely time for many people in nursing homes. Some spend the holidays without so much as a single family member coming to visit. Why not show them a bit of love by bringing some homemade cookies to brighten their day? Make sure you contact the facility first, as some may only allow store bought treats due to safety concerns. But whether the cookies are store-bought or homemade, the fact that you took the time to pay a visit is sure to make somebody’s day brighter!

Grab Some Freebies!

Many national cookie chains offer free cookies to customers on National Cookie Day! And who turns down free food? Chains such as Mrs. Fields and Nestle Toll House Cafe offer free cookies on this sweet holiday. Be sure to check with local bakeries to see if they’re having similar promotions. While grocery stores usually don’t offer freebies, many do offer as much as 50% off. Check out your favorite grocer’s website to find cookie-related deals.

Learn the History of the Cookie

Where did the cookie come from? Cookies and baking most likely evolved hand in hand, though early cookies hardly resemble the sweet treats we enjoy today. Cookies made for a handy to carry food source rich in critical calories early humans needed. Historians believe early Persians were the first to make cookies sweet once sugar became widely used in their region. Cookies spread through Europe in the 14th century, and by the 17th century, cookies were consumed and enjoyed throughout much of the globe. And the cookie’s popularity hasn’t dimmed since!

Famous holiday cookies around the country:

Cookies on a baking tray.

For more, check out the full list of cookies on Delish! Be sure to download this holiday cookie sheet!

Whether you like macaroons, ginger snaps, or just your basic sugar cookie, National Cookie day makes for a sweet holiday indeed. Celebrate deliciousness!

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