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Hide & Seek: 5 Hide-Away Solutions for Small Space Sleeping

Plenty of other solutions are out there to make the most of the space you have. Read on for five hide-away bed solutions for small space sleeping.

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So you’ve just moved to the big city and have begun to settle into your studio-sized apartment when you realize nothing fits. It may not be your first thought, but beds often take up ample space in any bedroom and studio apartment. Think about it — beds are anywhere from twin-size to king-size, which is a nice chunk of space you could instead use for that bookshelf you’ve had your eye on or a sofa that you and your guests can enjoy. You could also utilize the space for storage or a play area for your pup. You can do many things with space, but first, you need the empty space to do it.

This doesn’t mean you have to toss out your comfortable queen-size mattress and settle for a twin bed. Plenty of other solutions are out there to make the most of the space you have. Read on for five hide-away bed solutions for small space sleeping.

1. Build Your Bed Into a Nook

You don’t have to live through Pinterest to enjoy a cozy built-in bed nook. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up under the covers in a cozy corner bed to read a good book or binge a good Netflix show? Make your dreams a reality and build your bed against the wall. This will make the room appear bigger and more open than it really is.

Add a chic curtain to the outside of the area, so you can open and close it as you please. If you have guests over, you may want your sleep space to be private and hidden away. Your guests will probably never even realize it isn’t a window your curtains are covering.

2. Make the Most of a Murphy Bed

Lots of apartments in big cities are bringing back the Murphy bed — or maybe they never even really left. While mention of it may make you cringe, give it a fair chance before you reject it. Instantly make any room feel open, airy, and larger.

A drop-down mattress allows you to make the most of your space, while you also enjoy the comforts of a full- or queen-size bed, as opposed to a twin. The key is to conceal and blend everything properly. Try rustic wooden planks or faux cabinetry that matches your kitchen.

3. Design a Stylish Daybed

These aren’t like your grandma’s old metal daybed covered in porcelain dolls. This is a daybed you can use for your beauty rest and entertainment. If you aren’t a big fan of twin-size beds, then this may not be the best option for you. However, if the size doesn’t deter you, then this is one of the most underrated bed options you never gave a chance.

It’s a couch and a bed – all in one. Make your apartment a living room by day and a bedroom by night. This way, you can still entertain guests, and also get a good night’s rest. Choose from an assortment of different colors, frames and styles. Just because you have a daybed doesn’t mean you have to limit your apartment’s personality. Accessorize your daybed with cute pillows and throws to match the rest of your apartment decor and to make it cozier.

4. Conceal Your Bed

This concept is a bit different than a built-in bed because you’re literally closing off a part of the room with a sliding door or trendy curtain. The ability to slide a door or curtain open and closed allows for that extra privacy you may crave in your small space, but also gives you a place to hide dirty laundry, overflowing shoe collection and anything else you may deem private or embarrassing when guests come over.

You can even turn a closet into a concealed bed, where all you’ll have to do is add a curtain and rod for privacy.

5. Bring Back the Loft Bed

Before you jump the gun and dismiss this one, do a little research first. If you have kids, this is a more than ideal solution. You can hide a desk under the bed to free up tons of space. Plus, you may add a little excitement to bedtime if your child has to climb up a ladder. It sounds simple and unimpressive, but to a child, it’s an adventure.

Adults can also benefit from lofts beds. Maximize the square footage of a small apartment by building a loft bed. Adult loft beds don’t have to incorporate ladders. Instead, install a small staircase with built-in storage that leads up to your bed. You’ll save lots of space and also create a lifted cozy bedroom nook.

Stop feeling crammed in your small space. Instead, explore the alternatives out there that will provide you with ample space, without losing privacy and a comfortable place to sleep. Consider a Murphy bed, concealed bed, loft bed or daybed, and if you’re feeling extra creative, build your bed into its own private nook.

Don’t be afraid to get creative, and make your space your own. Find fun throws, pillows, curtains and color schemes that personalize your small space and make it feel like home. A small area doesn’t have to be just a small space. With research, creativity and effort, you can transform any space into something bigger and more open.

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