What Were the Top Remodeling Trends of 2018?

by Ben SanfordDecember 5, 2018

Top 5 Home Renovation Trends of the Year

Every year, certain remodeling trends stand out more than others. In 2018, many of the top trends among homeowners involved adding more open space to their floor plans, increasing natural light, and implementing smart-home technology to their homes. Another thing that stands out about 2018’s trends is that they will more than likely be popular trends over the coming years as well, so if you’re in need of some inspiration, 2018 is a great place to start.

5 popular home renovations

#1: Open Floor Plans

The open floor plan trend didn’t start in 2018, but it was one of the most popular through the year nevertheless. If homebuyers weren’t buying homes with open floor plans, then they were identifying which walls were load-bearing, so they could make their existing floor plans more open.

An open floor plan is a hot commodity in a home because it not only makes the home appear larger, but it also allows for a more informal and cozier environment. An open floor plan makes a space more flexible, while making it lighter and airier.

#2: Adding More Light

Speaking of light, in 2018, one of the hottest trends was increasing the amount of natural light in the home. This was accomplished by homeowners adding more windows or swapping out their old windows for larger ones. Skylights also came back in style in 2018, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

Natural light wasn’t the only type of light to be increased in 2018, as the year saw other forms of creative lighting being adopted by homeowners. These included over-island lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and even kick-plate lighting. Pendant lights were among the most popular fixtures used in home remodeling, thanks in part to the fact that they are available in so many styles and types.

5 popular home renovations

#3: Smart Home Technology

A lot of new smart-home appliances and devices entered the market in 2018, so it’s no surprise that homeowners leapt on this new, ultra-convenient technology in a major way. Using only a smartphone, homeowners could control just about every electrical device or appliance in their homes in 2018.

There were even refrigerators that would alert them when a certain food item was running low. In 2018, a lot of focus went into making homes more energy efficient and easier to use, and smart-home tech did exactly that.

#4: Gourmet Kitchens

Kitchens are commonly among the first rooms to get renovated in homes. And, in 2018, a lot of homeowners invested in turning their standard kitchens into larger, well-equipped gourmet kitchens. Gourmet kitchens not only fit beautifully in an open floor plan, but they also serve as a primary gathering spot for family and guests.

Some of the things that homeowners were adding to their kitchens in 2018 included larger, commercial-grade stoves, refrigerators, and other appliances. Large kitchen islands with built-in sinks, touchless faucets, and cook-tops were also high-priorities.

5 popular home renovations

#5: Master Bedroom Suites

Turning a bedroom into a master suite transforms the space into a tranquil sanctuary where you can escape from the world of the living for a while. Perhaps because of that fact, creating a master suite was one of the top remodeling trends of 2018.

More and more homeowners made their master bedrooms larger, added luxury baths, and built custom closets. Some even incorporated smaller side rooms, which served as home offices, exercise rooms, or nursery areas.

These were just a few of the renovation trends that dominated in 2018, and they’ll most likely stay on-trend through 2019. Whether you choose one or a few, these projects will make your home more comfortable while also considerably adding to its market value.

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