Northeastern Interior Styles
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Most Popular Interior Decor Styles in the Northeast

Interior home decor can be influenced by a broad range of things — personality, values, preferences, etc. But did you know that home decor is also heavily influenced on where you’re from? Decor makes a house a home and depending on where you live, you may fancy different types of interior designs.

The Northeast Region of the US is rich in history and charm as it was the original thirteen colonies. Located along the upper East Coast, this region is known for its big cities such as New York City, Boston, and Washington D.C. These urban areas, as well as the coastal shorelines, make the Northeast a diverse place. But how do the people of this region style their homes? Check out the most popular interior decor styles in the Northeast!

Northeastern Interior Styles


The word contemporary itself means “belonging to the present,” which means the idea of this decor style may vary a little depending on the person. However, overall, contemporary home decor is known for being sleek, with crisp lines and cutting-edge art statements. It captures the minimalistic vibe, with neutral shades making up the majority of the room with little pops of color and texture to accent them. By focusing on space rather than things, the home will feel sleek and fresh without the clutter. Design elements include use lines and structure, lots of lighting, use of materials such as glass, stone, metal or brick, and a neutral color palette.

Popular in: Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Virginia


Bohemian comes from the French word “gypsy.” Also referred to as “boho-chic,” this style describes those free-spirited artists. This interior decor style is full of warm colors and unconventional pieces as well as patterns and textures, such as tie-dye or crochet. There are no rules when it comes to bohemian and unlike the contemporary style, more is more. The key to achieving this style is by mix and matching materials. Combining and layering different patterns that typically wouldn’t go together is what makes this style unique and carefree. In order to find bohemian pieces of furniture, you can check out your local thrift or vintage shops as each piece should be unique and full of character and charm. Other design elements include warm lighting, incorporating hand-made items and plenty of plants, and using warm, earthy tones.

Popular in: New Hampshire, New Jersey, and West Virginia


The Northeast is full of history and character and that doesn’t fall short when it comes to home styles and interior decor styles. The Victorian style dates back to — you guessed it — the Victorian era. In this era, bare rooms were considered of bad taste and decoration became a symbol of social class. Though this style is no longer associated with social class, many people in the Northeast still fancy its elegant features. Victorian decorated homes are very easy to identify; wallpaper, crown molding, oriental rugs, damask curtains, hand-carved furniture, eloquent lighting/chandeliers, you get the picture. Colors range from jewel tones to deep hues of red and blue with accents of marble and metallics.

Popular in: Connecticut, Maine, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont

Don’t forget to check out the most popular home styles in the Northeast and search our home listings. The perfect Northeastern home might be well within your reach!

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