Ten Hottest Tech Gadgets Every Homeowner Must Have for 2019

by Alex ThatcherDecember 7, 2018

Home Tech Brings New Solutions to Make Life Even Easier

Every year around this time, we start seeing signs of tech gadgets and trends that are anticipated to start making landfall during the upcoming year. It’s an annual rite of passage that seems to get more and more exciting every year, thanks to visionary companies looking to attract new customers with their incredible inventions and upgrades on existing products.

Just in time for holiday shoppers and resolutions at the start of January, here are ten of the most talked about home-related gadgets that every homeowner will want to have in 2019.

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#1: Ember Ceramic Smart Coffee Mug

Do you love coffee or tea, but hate it when your drink turns cold? The Ember Ceramic Smart Coffee Mug will ensure that your favorite hot drink stays at the ideal temperature all day long. The mug connects to an app on your smartphone or smartwatch, which you can use to dial in the perfect drinking temperature.

The mug holds ten ounces of liquid and you can create presets for whatever hot drinks you love, be it coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or cider, so you’ll stay warm all winter long, working from home. Ember also sells a larger travel mug with the same technology, in case you’re traveling to the office for work.

#2: iDevices® Instinct With Alexa Voice Control

The iDevices® Instinct reintroduces the smart light switch to the home. This model includes Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service and several environmental sensors rolled into one comprehensive product. It also sports premium sound by SOEN® Audio, motion detection, and light sensing abilities for even greater home security.

#3: Senclo Fi Smart Garage Door Opener

The Senclo Fi Smart Garage Door Opener revolutionizes the automatic garage door. With this product, you gain more control over your garage door, so you can make your home as secure as possible. Plus, with the Seclo Fi installed, your garage door will automatically open when you drive up to your home.

#4: PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

There are already automatic pet feeders on the market, so what makes the PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder so special? For starters, it connects to your home Wi-Fi network, so you can ensure your pet always has food in her bowl, no matter where you are as long as you have an Internet connection on your phone.

You can also preset the feeder up to 12 different feed times and several different portion sizes. If your pet has special dietary needs, then your feeder will even notify you when your pet is eating during the times when you’re not at home.

smart home gear

#5: Nebula Star Portable Safe Box

The Nebula Star Portable Safe Box is an ingenious storage solution that is both lightweight and portable. It features a bio-metric scanner and voice recognition for greater security, a built-in alarm system, and has the latest NB-IOT, which allows you to track the safe anywhere and everywhere it goes. It’s made from high strength aircraft aluminum alloy that can withstand over 24,000PSI.

#6: The June Oven

The June Oven is an incredible counter top appliance that can replace seven of your appliances with just one easy purchase. It’s a convection oven, an air fryer, a slow cooker, a dehydrator, a toaster, a warming drawer, and a broiler. It also features an internal camera that can identify more than 50 food categories, so all you have to do is place the food inside the June Oven, and it’ll automatically cook it to perfection.

#7: Smart Indoor Climate Monitor by Netatmo

The Smart Indoor Climate Monitor by Netatmo monitors your indoor air quality and alerts you when it’s not as clean as it should be. Then, it tells you what you need to do to fix it. Netatmo offers a variety of other add-on devices, so you can make your system as large or small as you like.

smart home gear

#8: Plume Self-Optimizing Wi-Fi System

If you have parts of your home where the Wi-Fi signal can be a little sketchy, then the Plume Self-Optimizing Wi-Fi System is exactly what you need. This device puts your router in the cloud with the signal evenly dispersed through the home, via pods. The system even learns your family’s habits over time, so it’ll always deliver your Wi-Fi in optimal fashion.

#9: Mellow Intelligent Sous Vide

The Mellow Intelligent Sous Vide Machine is the latest kitchen gadget that everyone will want in 2019. It can fit up to six portions, which it cooks to perfection every time. Just fill the Mellow with water, put your food in the Mellow bags, and set the bags in the water. You can preset the machine from your phone, so your food will be ready to eat exactly when you want it to be.

#10: Misty II Advanced Personal Robot

At over $3,000, the Misty II Advanced Personal Robot is easily the most expensive gadget on this list, but this home robot is quite remarkable. The Misty II has deep learning and AI capabilities, as well as face-recognition technology. It even learns the layout of your home via 3D mapping and navigation. The best thing about this robot is that you not only build it, but you can also customize it to fit your family’s needs.

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