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How to Add Character to Your Kitchen Remodel

You’re aware of the value a remodeled kitchen adds to your home. Not only does it justify a higher asking price at resale, but it also makes an impression on friends and family. When you’ve invested time, money and effort into the perfect design, you can enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Whether you’re planning to sell your home soon or simply want to enhance its look and feel, the kitchen is a great place to begin. Once you’ve started, however, how do you make sure that the final product meets your expectations? How do you assemble your design choices to form something cohesive and complete?

Many homeowners hesitate during the design process, double-thinking their more daring decisions due to fear of losing mass appeal. You might be tempted to select the most universally accessible colors and patterns. But what if you end up with a kitchen that looks lovely, but just doesn’t fit you?

Here are some ideas on how to add character to your kitchen remodel — simple ways to lend a little color to your blueprint. None of these ideas are crazy, but they will allow you to show off a little personality and still enjoy the financial pluses of a kitchen renovation.

1. Window Seats

Your kitchen is a place for preparing food and dining, but it’s also an area where you entertain guests and host parties. You want it to feel inviting and agreeable, reflective of the hospitality you show your visitors. A window seat is an excellent addition that’s all at once practical, attractive and comfortable.

Placed beside a decorated window, cushions and pillows can make your kitchen feel warm and friendly. These cushions and pillows (right) also serve a secondary purpose for some resourceful homeowners, disguising their radiators with complementary fabrics and crown molding. A little creativity goes a long way.

2. Rustic Elements

Depending on the aesthetic you’ve chosen for your home, this suggestion may or may not seem relevant to your remodel. Still, including rustic elements within a kitchen adds instant charm. If your space looks drab, bland or downright boring, a rustic touch might do the trick.

For example, you could choose to hang copper pots from a ceiling rack. With a bit of browsing at your local antique store, you may come across a worn wooden stool that works wonders within your space. Wall buckets are quaint decor that can hold items like oven mitts and mixing spoons.

3. Alternative Countertop Edges

You’re likely familiar with the eased edge, the top and bottom rounded edge and the Roman round edge for countertop designs. These are common edges, and you’ve no doubt seen them in other homes. That said, you have many other alternatives to choose from, and you might find one more suitable to your tastes.

The “rock edge” is a fitting example of a less popular but no less attractive option for homeowners. It has a natural appearance formed through a meticulous process in which a craftsperson chips and smooths the stone, applying an Ager to enhance its color. Within a contemporary space, a rock edge fits perfectly.

4. Unconventional Styles

You have two options in determining your renovations. You can look at what every other homeowner has done and pattern your remodel around their design, or you can pursue your own unique vision. Maybe that vision involves black and white cabinets, painted flooring or a lavish chandelier.

However you imagine your perfect kitchen, you should experiment with unconventional styles. Visit your local hardware store and take home three or four samples of paint you normally wouldn’t consider. Mix and match them, playing with different color palettes as you try to arrive at an interesting combination.

5. Swing-Arm Sconces

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Situated above open shelving, swing-arm sconces lend ambient lighting with more personality than your standard recessed setup. Among the many ways you can update your kitchen, these sconces are some of the best additions for adding character and dimensionality to your space.

An electrician will have no difficulty hiding cords during installation, but you have other options as well. For instance, cord covers can conceal anything you wouldn’t want your visitors to see. Take time to work out the details before purchasing supplies to avoid any issues later on.

Moving Forward With Your Design

It’s one thing to remodel for a resale, but if you’re looking to make a home, some character is always a great touch. What’s the point of your renovations if you, yourself, aren’t satisfied with the changes you’ve made?

It’s simple to play it safe, and sometimes that’s a wise decision. Still, you can make smaller changes to add character to your kitchen, and through rustic elements, alternative countertop edges and the other adjustments, doing so is easy.

As you move forward with your design, just remember one thing: Without risk, there’s no reward!

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