The Top 5 Hygge Tips That Will Improve Your Home’s Value

by Alex ThatcherJanuary 18, 2019

So, by now, I’m sure you’ve seen and heard of hygge… but what is it? Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish practice best known for contentment, coziness and enjoying the simple things in life. Becoming a popular home decor trend, hygge is aimed at combating the adverse effects of long, frigid winter months.

Still life details in home interior of living room. Sweaters and cup of tea with steam on a serving tray on a coffee table.

Despite popular belief, some of the coldest nations in the world are apparently the happiest countries. This past year, Finland was ranked number one with Norway and Denmark following close behind. It appears that a change in surroundings really can have a heavy impact on a person’s outlook and sense of well-being.

While hygge is quickly emerging as a decor style, it can also be used as inspiration for home improvement. Some of the most vital components of hygge are:

  • Comfort: There’s nothing like coming home from work and slipping into some pajamas after a long, cold day. It’s time to take advantage of this feeling throughout your home!
  • Companionship: Being with loved ones creates the ultimate feeling of contentment. Create a space that encourages those you care about to gather.
  • Relaxation: Relaxation is necessary for functional living. Keep this thought at the forefront when considering specific areas in your home.
  • Simplicity: Organization and de-cluttering are easy ways to keep life simple. Make sure you’re sticking to the basics when considering the overall feel of your design.

Considering the Dutch are hailed as some of the happiest people in the world, why not give it a go?

There are several ways to achieve hygge through simple home projects. Follow these top five tips and tricks to increase your home’s value and get hygge with it!

1. Inviting Living Space

Hit the companionship concept of hygge with an inviting living space. Design should be at the center of your home. Open floor plans are a popular feature when considering home resale. Make sure your space is clear and passable while still serving its functional purpose. Once you have the basics down, indulge in the hygge lifestyle by providing plenty of seating space to ensure your guests and family are as comfortable as possible. There are plenty of options for quality living room pieces like sofas that won’t break the bank after renovations!

Living room with blankets on sofa.

2. Open Kitchen with Plenty of Space for Entertaining

Food brings people together! While kitchen remodels can be costly, this update has been known to give your home a great return on investment. Keep your kitchen design open and accessible for guest and family gatherings. Remember, companionship is just as important as comfort so when considering your space establish focal points carefully. Kitchen islands are a great way to accommodate groups of people while leaving airways available for conversations with loved ones.

3. Simple Home Interior Colors

Simplicity is key to hygge. Time and time again, interior paint colors have shown to have a big impact on a home’s value. Creating a sense of calm throughout your home is a main objective so keep colors neutral with soft grays and taupes. An ideal hygge color palette revolves around earth tones. Don’t be afraid to go bold within this color scheme as long as it fits your personal preference!

4. Homey Fireplace

Picture this: after a long winter’s day you come home to a toasty fire that you can curl up next to with your favorite book. Whether you’re going for ambiance or functionality, it’s undeniable that a homey fireplace will help you achieve hygge and improve your home’s value. In a recent survey, almost 60% of homeowners agreed that both gas and wood-burning fireplaces increases home value. That’s a statistic that won’t burn out anytime soon.

Closeup of warm fireplace.

5. Cozy Relaxation Nook

A dedicated place to yourself is a great way to gain hygge relaxation points while increasing your home’s worth. This could be in the form of a study or a particular area within your home that allows you to decompress and relax. Try installing custom bookshelves or an entertainment center based on your personal preferences!

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