Top 5 Warmest Winter Cities in the Nation

by Mahogany WaldonJanuary 7, 2019

Although winter is in full-swing, there are some cities that have awesome weather all year long. While many Americans will be shoveling snow and warming their cars in the morning all season, here at we’ve taken a look at some cities that get to skip glacial, winter days for high temperatures. Based on data from the National Climatic Data Center, here are the five warmest winter cities.

A map of the warmest winter cities including Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

  1. Miami, Florida

    It’s not surprising at all that the “Magic City” sees the warmest temperatures in the winter. In fact, the nearly subtropic temps in this southern Florida city sees temperatures above 100 degrees during the summer with the average summer temperature being 90. The heat only trickles down slightly during the fall and winter, temperatures reach 70 degrees in the winter. The only thing better than the weather here is the fact that Miami’s housing market is in full-on recovery mode and the city has made a major comeback since the housing market crash in 2008. The average home price in Miami is $352,000. The city has a lot of great neighborhoods including Brickell and Coconut Grove.

  2. Orlando, Florida (tie)

    Three Floridian cities made the list. Coming in our number two slot is Orlando. Orlando is the amusement park capital of the world and with such a heavy title, the city has seriously got to have lots of enticing incentives to keep visitors coming back year-after-year. The weather is one of them! The average high temp in Orlando is 62 degrees, making the city a great place for vacation, even in the winter. Orlando is also a relatively affordable place to live, with an average home price of $235,300.

  3. Tampa, Florida (tie)

    Tied with Orlando, and taking our number three slot is Tampa. Just over 80 miles from Orlando, Tampa is another central Florida city with high winter temps. The average high is also 62 degrees. Like Orlando, there’s lots to do in this “Sunshine State” town. The average home price in Tampa is $219,500.

  4. Phoenix, Arizona (tie)

    On the other side of the country, cities experience nice, warm weather in the winter as well. Phoenix is a great city with a bustling economy and affordable cost of living. To add to its attractiveness, this beautiful, desert town sees temps close to 60 degrees in the winter, in fact, the average is 58 – making winters here moderate and tolerable. The average home price in Phoenix is $239,000.

  5. Los Angeles, California (tie)

    The “City of Angels” (in the other “Sunshine State,”) is tied with Phoenix, with winter temps reaching 58 degrees. Most of us are well aware of the awesomeness of Los Angeles (LA), but if you’re a snowbird looking to get away from cold, winter weather, your best bet is to head to a city like LA. Although home prices are a little inflated with the average hovering around $686,500, the prices are worth it if you enjoy summer forever!

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