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Tesla, Solar City, and SpaceX Pioneer Elon Musk is Selling His $4.5 Million Bel Air Home

Billionaire tech mogul and founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk has listed one of his five homes, a stunning mid century modern in Bel Air, California.

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Tech Billionaire Provocateur Elon Musk Lists 1 of His 5 Homes

“With great power comes great responsibility,” is an often-repeated axiom. The saying, “with great wealth comes great extravagance,” may not be as well known, but it does have its obvious examples throughout history and in the contemporary United States. Some modern billionaires have expensive tastes, and others seem to like to spend money to show off from time to time.

Food, love, and shelter are the basic needs of every human, but how much shelter does one really need? Well, if you’re a tech billionaire like Elon Musk, you have more than enough money to spend and one of the things that money can buy is a collection of homes. And this includes homes like the $4.5 million dollar Bel Air, California mid-century modern home that Musk just put on the market.

Let’s take a walk through one of the homes of a modern US billionaire to see how the one one-hundredth of the one percent lives.

elon musk home

Sleek in Form, Opulent in Function

This absolutely stunning, mid-century modern four bedroom and four bath home comes in at just over three-thousand square feet of sleek lines, gentle curves, and understated beauty. The home was purchased in 2014 by Musk and then wife, British actress Talulah Riley and her mother Una for just under $3.7 million. If Musk can find the right buyer, he stands to net a tidy profit of just over $800,000.

The home has been fully updated in the five years that the SpaceX and Tesla founder has owned it, and includes the type of high tech features and amenities, like remote control window shades, music, thermostat, lights, and security features, that you’d probably expect to see in a tech billionaire’s home. So, the right buyer will also be able to control nearly all the important systems for their new home with the help of a small remote – one that they hopefully won’t misplace.

elon musk home

The Amenities of a $4.5M Home in Bel Air

Of course, Casa de Musk has just about all the standard bells and whistles that you’d expect from a four and a half million dollar Bel Air home. There’s a professional grade kitchen with all stainless appliances. There are dark-stained wood floors throughout, an expansive master suite with all the trimmings, sliding glass walls that open the home up to the pool area in the backyard, views all the way to the Pacific Ocean in the distance in one direction and the lights of downtown Los Angeles in the other, and oh so much more.

elon musk home

And while all this is impressive on one level, it wouldn’t take much online searching to find billionaires homes that put this particular, relatively understated, four bedrooms, four bath home to shame when it comes to sheer opulence. For all that this home is, as an expression of its owner’s wealth, its primary selling features are the sleek beauty of its architecture and it’s Bel Air address.

elon musk home

A House Built on the Future

Elon Musk may be known for many eccentricities, but he is primarily known for being a futurist and for using his great wealth and the influence that comes with it to push technology toward a brighter future for all of humankind. The fact that he’s selling one of his five homes isn’t so much a cause for celebration or derision as much as it just a fact of what life must be like for someone who helps to run multiple large companies while raising a family and trying to figure out what to do with all of his money.

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