Media Agency Mogul Ari Emanuel Is Selling His Mandeville Canyon Home in LA

by Sasha CarterFebruary 12, 2019

The Talent Agency Home That Truly Represents

One of the CEOs of renowned (legendary, even), entertainment and media agency, the William Morris Endeavor, may not necessarily be on your radar in terms of celebrities. But Ari Emanuel (the agent who represents Charlize Theron, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Wahlberg, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, among others), who is also the inspiration for the character Ari Gold on HBO’s Entourage – has just listed his spectacular Los Angeles home for a little under nineteen million dollars – and you’re going to want to take a walk inside.

The home, which is a beautifully designed homage to the work of renowned Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta, was built by well-known Los Angeles architect Marc Whipple and sits in the star-studded Mandeville Canyon area of Los Angeles. Mr. Emanuel acquired the home just a few years ago for a little more than sixteen and a half million, and looks to net over two million now if he can find the right A-lister to make an offer equal to the asking price.

ari emanuel home

A Peek Inside the A-List

Before we go inside, let’s take a moment and marvel at the exterior. From the outside, the home is a collection of larger and smaller cubes, stacked and laid side by side, staggered a bit, and interspersed with narrow vertical windows and wide walls of glass. The effect of the building’s architecture is a delight for the eyes, a collection of lines that draw near and fall, chase perspective into the middle distance and beyond.

The single-level home is expansive at 8,000 square feet, with just four bedrooms and four and a half baths. In other words, the rooms that are in the home are expansive, but for their size, never actually feel empty or cavernous.

ari emanuel home

Thanks to the architect’s skill at employing sight lines throughout the interior, marrying the sleek aesthetic of interior surfaces to the shifting views through rooms into other rooms, the home never feels like it’s anything more or less than the perfect size.

The property contains all the amenities that you’d expect to be om the home of a Hollywood mogul, though in a somewhat understated and tasteful way. There’s the chef’s quality kitchen, the massive walk-in closets (more like dressing rooms in their own right), and the opulent though sleek bathrooms. There’s also tons of natural light throughout the home, thanks to clerestory windows.

ari emanuel home

A Stroll Around the Mandeville Canyon Grounds

The relatively small estate, at three quarters of an acre, is well developed to complement the home, regardless of the viewer’s vantage point. There are architectural features that rise out of the landscape to draw to and away from the home, and a massive in-ground pool that doubles as a recreational asset and a reflecting surface for the home itself.

The home is gated and well secured, and comes with an additional, detached, two-story guesthouse with its own loft. The half-acre lot next door is also available should the right buyer, with an eye to expand the grounds, come along.

ari emanuel home

A Quiet Refuge for a Real Power Player

This home is a true architectural marvel: it is beautiful, tasteful, and understated in a way that if the caricature of its owner is to be given any credence, hardly suits the brash, loud-talking, power player status of its current owner. If his home is any indication, there must be more to this broker of talent than the stereotype attached to talent agents in Hollywood brings to mind.

Regardless, it’s a truly wondrous home and perfect for the right buyer, should that buyer have the nearly nineteen million Mr. Emanuel is asking.

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