5 Real Estate Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

by Jennifer McMurrayFebruary 21, 2019

If you’re part of the 44% of the population that have listened to podcasts, you understand the appeal. If you have not tuned into any of the 550,000+ podcasts, you might be shocked to learn that there are podcasts for just about everything: entertainment, true crime, organization, blogging, business…and, of course, real estate. As more millennials enter the world of real estate & investing, the rise of podcasts has become a common resource to learn, collaborate, & network with other investors, homeowners, and Realtors.

Why A Podcast?

77% of people own a smartphone. With just the touch of a button, smartphones have transformed not only how we communicate, but how we learn as well. While commuting on public transit, waiting in a doctor’s office, exercising at the gym- these moments and many more throughout the day have become prime podcast listening time. With many reporting that they frequently listen to podcasts, it’s no wonder why they’ve become so popular. Not just for entertainment, podcasts offer listeners the opportunities to hear from real life people succeeding and pioneering in just about every forum- including real estate. While there are numerous real estate podcasts available, these are five you should definitely be listening to right now- whether you’re a rookie investor or seasoned pro!

Five Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Right Now

1. Bigger Pockets

Arguably one of the most well-known real estate podcasts is Bigger Pockets. BP, as it’s known to its loyal followers, is more than just a podcast. Creators Brandon Turner, David Greene, & Josh     Dorkin, have created a community of real estate enthusiasts. Coining the term “house hacking” and “Brrrr strategy,” Bigger Pockets regularly discusses traditional & innovative ways of investing in real estate. Their website is home to thousands of BP followers in their forums as well.

2. Invest Four More

Created by investor and Realtor, Mark Ferguson, Invest Four More covers all aspects of real estate. With 150 episodes currently, listeners can hear tips from a seasoned investor about flips,     rentals, finances, mortgages, and more. In conjunction with his regular podcast, Mark offers tips through his blog, Instagram page, and eBooks.

3. The Real Estate Guys

One of the longest-running resources for all things real estate is The Real Estate Guys. What initially began as a radio show in 1997 has transitioned to a regular podcast covering topics such as economics, taxes, asset protection, buying & selling, and more. With 300 current episodes,     there’s enough knowledge from hosts Robert Helms & Russell Gray, as well as their guests, to appeal to the rookie or novice investor.

4. Rental Income Podcast

If passive income has piqued your interest, knowing the ins-n-outs of being a landlord can be overwhelming. The Rental Income Podcast focuses on all the facets of owning rental properties. With interviews from the top landlords across the US, this podcast gives insights on strategies, budgets, repairs, condo ownership, as well as tips for buying the first rental property.     This podcast is a must for those wanting to acquire or grow a rental portfolio. With a blog, book list, and online courses, Rental Income Podcast offers a variety of resources for followers.

5. Flippin Off Podcast

Recently, house flipping hit a decade high. More and more people are intrigued by house flipping & the potential profits it can bring. The podcast, Flipping Off, dives into all of the nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes details of house flipping. With over two years of podcasts, Flipping Off covers a variety of topics and includes multiple guests. This easy-listening podcast offers critical tips on wealth & real estate but pulls the shades back and reveals even the horror stories of investing.

Owning a home, investing in rentals, building a portfolio, and becoming a landlord is far more complex than what an HGTV show might reveal. These five podcasts offer multiple real-life perspectives on the various facets of real estate investing. The next time you have a long flight or your daily commute, tune into these five podcasts to grow your knowledge and passion for real estate investing!

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