why you need a realtor
Selling a Home

The Dangers of Selling Your Home Without a Realtor

Thinking of taking the DIY approach to selling your home this year? Think again. Here are seven reasons why using a Realtor will benefit you, from the experts at Homes.com.

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7 Reasons You Need a Realtor to Sell Your Home

When you put your home on the market, you can choose to have a Realtor list the property, or you can opt to sell it yourself. Many people choose For Sale By Owner (FSBO) because they think they will save a lot of money that way. After all, they won’t have to pay the Realtor a commission fee at closing. But selling a home yourself isn’t easy as you might think, and it could wind up costing you more money in the long run.

Here are seven reasons why you might want to use a Realtor to help sell your home.

why you need a realtor

Market Knowledge

Unless you love following the real estate market, you’re going to find it to be a complex industry. For instance, do you know the difference between a seller’s market and a buyer’s market?

A Realtor is an expert in the housing market. She can help you understand the process of selling a home quicker and easier than you looking it up online. In fact, there are dozens of things not even mentioned online that can take you by surprise if you go the DIY route.

Selling your home is an important transaction; don’t risk making big mistakes by not using someone who knows the market and its intricacies.

Your Time

Realtors work in the field of real estate only. Why? Because selling homes is a full-time job. It takes a lot of time and effort to put a home on the market, show it, negotiate with buyers, answer questions, and so on. Simply put, can you handle your own job and family responsibilities and still be able to spare the amount of time needed to sell your home?


A Realtor knows how to market a home in order to make it more appealing to buyers. They know the best ways to get your home seen. They also have access to predictive analytics, and they can promote your listing to other agents in the community and on social media. This type of marketing is more important than ever for homes being sold today.

why you need a realtor


A Realtor presents a professional face for your listing. Buyers are traditionally more comfortable working with a Realtor than directly with homeowners, so this can increase the number of people who see your home, and take it seriously when it comes time to making an offer.

Home-Selling Services

In addition to listing and showing your home, a Realtor also improves the chances of your home being sold by providing certain services. These include staging your home, taking professional photos and video of your home, taking drone shots, creating 3D walkthroughs and more. A Realtor knows how a space will translate through the camera’s lens, and they know the tricks necessary for making a photo look its best. With so many people finding their homes online, these services are especially important.

why you need a realtor

Negotiation Experience

Selling a home by yourself means you will be the one receiving buyer offers. This means you will need to know how to respond to them and what to look for in a purchasing agreement. Also, what happens if you find yourself in a bidding war? Can you manage multiple bids? Do you know the techniques to keep a buyer interested when they’re on the verge of walking away? A Realtor knows all this and more.

Transaction Experience

Selling a home involves a lot of people, documents, and processes. If you aren’t educated in real estate, you can quickly lose control of everything. A Realtor, on the other hand, is specifically trained and experienced in managing the transaction. They know what to follow up on and when, and they know how to manage the closing. They know how to deal with challenges and situations where the buyer’s financing isn’t as solid as you’d like.

As with anything else in life, the more you know about something, the better off you will be when dealing with it. Most homeowners aren’t versed in the ins and outs of real estate, but Realtors are. If you want something done right, put it in the hands of a professional in the field. Don’t risk losing a sale or selling for far less than you should. Be smart and use a Realtor to sell your home and you’ll sell quicker and enjoy a better profit as a result.

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Carson is a real estate agent based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Carson loves data and market research, and how readily available it is in today's world. He is passionate about interpreting these insights to help his clients find and buy their perfect home. Carson got into the real estate industry because he loves the feeling of handing over the keys to a new home to happy clients. In his free time, he works on his backyard bonsai garden and spends time with his wife, Julia.

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