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6 Tips to Throw the Ultimate Oscars Viewing Party

One of the biggest nights in Hollywood is right around the corner…the Academy Awards! It’s an evening when celebrities get glitzed and glammed to perfection and the best films, actors, and directors win the most prestigious awards in film. Didn’t receive an invite to the event? No problem, has you covered! You can still win the Best Host Oscar with these six ways to throw the ultimate Oscars viewing party at home!

Academy Awards Party

1. Give Your Home the Red Carpet Treatment

Before you get your decorations up and your evening’s best on, your house needs a makeover too! Nothing leaves an impression like a clean house. Give your home the red carpet treatment by clearing out clutter and deep cleaning all the spaces your guests will see—the front lawn, foyer, living spaces, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. Remove excess items from these areas, wipe down and disinfect any hard surfaces like floors and countertops, and vacuum and deep clean carpets and upholstered furniture.

2. Set the Stage

Make your guests feel like they’re at Dolby Theater when they arrive at your home by using props like a red carpet, balloons, and gold tassels for the grand entrance. Set up a mini photo booth for guests to take pictures as if they were actually walking the red carpet. The Academy Award color scheme is black and gold, so keep this in mind when choosing the decor. You can also decorate your walls with movie posters of the nominated films or go vintage by putting up old award-winning films.

3. Dress to Impress

When it comes to such a star-studded event such as the Oscars, you have to look the part. Invite all your guests to dress up in their best and get glammed up for their red-carpet entrance! Or for a more “in-character” spin on attire, invite your guests to dress up as their favorite movie character and guess who everyone is.

4. Turn the Awards Into a Party Game

Keep your party interactive by printing out some Academy Award ballots. Have your guests make their predictions on the winners before the show starts and have prizes ready for those with the most accurate predictions.

Oscar Nomination Ballot

5. Give Out Your Own Academy Awards

Not only can you give out an award for the winner of the Academy Award ballot, but you can also give out awards for other superlatives, such as Best Dressed, Life of the Party, Most Likely to Win an Oscar, Best Improv Actor, Cutest Couple, and more. Make prize packs with items like a mini Oscar (you can pick these up from your local party supply store,) candy, popcorn, a movie theater gift card, a bottle of bubbly, or a Hollywood Boulevard star!

6. Unlimited Food

Since the Oscars last for a few hours, food is essential! Consider making a snack bar for your guests, complete with their favorite movie snacks—popcorn, candy, pretzels, and more. Or, for a more formal party, prepare a feast for your guests. To do this without breaking the bank, go potluck style! Invite your guests to bring their own award-winning recipes and have a taste test to give out awards for Best Appetizer, Best Entree, Best Dessert, and even Best Original Creation.

Enjoy the Show!

After all the hustle and bustle of putting together your sparkling evening, take time to relax and enjoy the show!

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