new home construction
New Home Construction

When Should We Start Building Our New Home? Pros and Cons of Beginning Construction in Spring

Preparing to build a brand new home this spring? Learn the pros and cons, and how to time construction correctly to save stress and money.

Knowing When to Start on the Foundation for Your Future Home

Taking on building a new home for yourself or your family can be a tremendously challenging and rewarding experience. There will be frustrations, there will be joys and setbacks, and there will be happy accidents and successes. Knowing how to correctly time the construction is one way to cut down on some of the setbacks and frustrations, and save you stress and money.

After all, construction is all about planning and scheduling – measure twice, cut once. Depending on where you live, there may be several scheduling factors that can negatively or positively impact the timeliness and success of your build.

In this post, we’ll take a look at starting construction of a new home in the spring, examining some of the innate challenges of beginning your build before the summer kicks in, and the many pros of launching the project at this time of year.

new home construction

The Perks and Challenges of Starting a New Home Build in the Spring Largely Comes Down to Weather

Depending on where you live, spring weather may or may not be a factor that impacts your build. Those who live in the far north or in mountainous areas may encounter weather-related delays in the winter or spring that would not be a factor in the summer or fall. Those in hotter climates may face a shortage of available contractors during the spring months, as many people will be trying to complete work on their homes before the heat of summer descends.

Generally, though, spring weather is as close to ideal as you’ll get for beginning a build. According to the site Professional Builder, the best weather for construction is cool, dry weather. So, depending on where you life, you’d want to time the build so that as much of it happens when you have cool, dry weather as possible.

new home construction

Building off-season may save you some money – as contractors may offer discounts when business is slow – but it may also cost you in terms of weather-related delays.

The greater challenge of starting new home construction in the spring (if spring is the season for cool dry weather in your neck of the woods) is that contractors will be in higher demand during this season, and will likely charge accordingly. You may also find that, because of scheduling conflicts, you will have to settle for a contractor that isn’t necessarily your first choice.

Scheduling New Home Construction for Success

The season and weather are important – so important, in fact, that they largely dictate the other factors: availability of labor, availability of materials, costs, potential for weather-related delays. However, weather isn’t the only factor that determines how frustrating or uplifting constructing a new home will be.

Planning and scheduling plays a role, as well. You’ll want to make sure that you’re timing your build to take advantage of the season and its weather, but you’ll also want to make sure that you’re scheduling all aspects of your build far, far in advance.

new home construction

Remember, landing the right contractor for your job takes planning and research. Working with that contractor and your architect well in advance of when you begin construction is far more important that what season you start.

Additionally, some flexibility with your timeline can be a great help as well. Even the best-planned builds encounter some setbacks, delays, and potentially unexpected costs. Even if spring is the best time to start, staying flexible and working with your contractor is the pathway to success.

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