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2019 Furniture Trends That Will Affect Home Staging

While making the decision to sell your home may seem like the biggest decision, how you stage your home will have the biggest impact.  If you’ve ever toured a model home or been to one of the local parade of homes, you’ll notice how well it’s decorated. From the paint color to the wallpaper, to the bed linens, curtains, and to the furniture. That’s not by mistake. The builder hired an interior decorator to style the home decor in such a way to not only show off the architectural details and all the features, but also show you some current home decor and furniture trends.

Furniture trends that will help you stage your home to sell. Photo: Serena & Lily

Hands down how you stage your home will definitely impact selling your home. Research and tried and true methods have proven this point over and over again. As you transition your home for the market keep these current furniture and decor trends in mind. 

 1) The ’70s Are Making a Comeback in a Modern Way

Think rattan, bamboo, wicker, but keeping with the less is more ideal. Having a few pieces either in furniture or just in wall decor, to add some natural warmth and interest.  Also keeping with the 70’s vibe is furniture with smooth curves. 

Rebecca with R and R At Home brings in some wicker and woven elements to her master bedroom.

2) Keep the Color on Your Furniture, Not Your Walls

While we’re seeing the return of the neutral white wall, the color is coming through with bold color choices in furniture, curtains, and pillows.  In the same token, don’t be afraid to mix some color and patterns.  The biggest furniture trend that is sweeping the internet is the velvet/velour couch in bold colors. 

Misty from The Eclectic Haven brings bold color and mixed pattern into her home. Photo: The Eclectic Haven

3) Mixing the Metals

Gone are the days of keeping everything one family of metal not just in fixtures, but in furniture too according to an article in Apartment Therapy. If you have a black metal side table, don’t be afraid to have a chair with brass legs. Mixing the metals adds interest and keeps things from looking too uniform. This also applies to your kitchen. Mix up the sheen in your fixtures. Nothing says you can’t have a chrome faucet and brushed nickel door pulls. 

4) Modern and Multifunctional Furniture

With being in full swing of minimalism, many are drawn to sleek furniture lines and multifunctional furnishings. They want to see furniture that serves double duty, yet is fashionable and functional according to Elle Decor Magazine’s Top Furniture Trends.

5) Large Statement Artwork

Gallery walls have always been a fun way to display multiple photos or art at once. Keeping with the less is more vibe and sleek design, larger statement artwork or pictures are becoming more of the norm too. 

In an interview with Cathrine Elliott of C2E Interior Design based out of Charleston, SC, she too has seen “a lean towards the mid-century modern aesthetic”.  Catherine also went on to say that she’s seeing “smaller pieces, cleaner lines and more options for smaller spaces. The days of ‘everything is bigger’ is waning. Gone are the overstuffed club chairs and huge sofas, and are being replaced by much more tailored pieces.”  Also keeping in mind that you should curate your home “to reflect your individual style versus looking like a page was ripped out of a catalog.” You want your home to feel comfortable and on trend, while helping potential buyers see themselves living in your space. 

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