7 Common Problems Residential Homeowners Have and Easy Solutions

by Kacey BradleyMarch 25, 2019

Had a faulty HVAC system or experienced a temperamental garage door? You’re not alone. Many homeowners encounter these irritating predicaments, and while you may be grateful to have a home, it’s easy to get frustrated when these nuisances pop up.

When you encounter problems with your home, you need simple and effective solutions so that you’re fully prepared. Below, you’ll find several common problems that homeowners have — along with their easy solutions. Read on to equip yourself with handy fixes for whatever comes your way.

Ceiling Water Damage

1. Leaking Roof

As time passes and the elements take a toll, roofs can deteriorate, leading to leaks. Whether shingles come loose or the flashing falters, unwelcome water can enter your home as a result. This issue can occur due to improper installation, and shoddy work can reduce the life expectancy of your roof.

You can put an end to leaks as happen by replacing the flashing and patching vulnerable spots. Recaulk exposed areas to form a water barrier; if the problem is more extreme, you might need to install new roofing.

2. Damaged Siding

When temperatures fluctuate, loose vinyl siding can warp and buckle. Different conditions can bend the siding out of shape or position, leaving an unsightly look to a home.

Damaged siding can’t be fully restored to its original state, but you can remove the worst sections and swap them out for a sturdier vinyl material. A total siding overhaul can improve your home too — just make sure you purchase a lighter color and properly secure it against the wall to avoid the same problem.

3. Cracked Driveway

If your driveway starts to crumble, it can decrease your home’s curb appeal and present tripping hazards. From the weight of your car to heavy rain, many forces regularly bear down on the concrete. Once it shows cracks and holes, immediate action is necessary.

You can patch up minor cracks with crack filler, while you’ll need driveway patch for slightly larger issues. After you’ve filled in the breaks, a sealant can add the finishing touches on your driveway.

4. Garage Door Issues

Homeowners can run into a range of problems with their garage doors, but a common issue is a loud sound that accompanies door movement. Opening and closing a garage door can start to produce an annoying screech, which usually occurs because the rollers and tracks are stuck. For a rapid solution to eliminate the noise, apply lubricant to the problem area. The system will likely be able to move smoothly again with significantly less squeaking as a result.

5. Malfunctioning HVAC System

A comfortable air temperature setting is crucial for a home, but a broken HVAC system can disrupt that environment. Many forget to perform routine maintenance on their HVAC, leading to higher energy costs and ineffective heating or cooling.

Scheduling maintenance checkups is the first step to sustaining the life of your HVAC unit. Changing the filters regularly is another important practice to keep your system running correctly. Dispose of dirty filters as needed to get your air circulating better.

6. Plumbing Defects

Problematic plumbing is a typical household obstacle. Pipes can be incompatible or corroded, leading to system failure, but a complete breakdown happens less often than other plumbing issues. A more basic challenge that comes up in homes is a running toilet. This issue can mean the flapper, fill tube or fill valve is malfunctioning, but the flapper normally creates the difficulty. If the rubber stopper has deteriorated, pick up a new flapper to restore the toilet.

7. Poor Ventilation

Keeping your home sealed is vital, but oversealing can result in moisture buildup. When your home has little to no ventilation, your air quality suffers.

To steer clear of mold and mildew, circulate fresh air by utilizing fans and opening up air sources. You can also dispel dust accumulation by cleaning appliances on a regular basis. Most importantly, call a contractor to inspect your sealant and potential structural effects from decreased airflow.

Fix Your Household Mishaps

When you run into issues in your home, it can be discouraging, but easy solutions can speed the improvement process along. Recover from these problems and get back to your day-to-day activities with the simple fixes above.

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