Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ Makeover: Lolly Jane Edition

We grew up on a dirt road in a small town and our dad, a farmer, built the cutest little playhouse in our backyard for his five girls. We played and played in that little house until it fell apart over 30 years later and was replaced with a store-bought playhouse for his grandkids to enjoy. Our handmade playhouse was white with a charcoal roof (leftover from the home he built our large family a year earlier) and it had a blue door to match our mom’s then-blue door.

When we were challenged by to make over the cutest Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™, we immediately knew our color scheme and got to work to recreate our childhood playhouse… in the form of this cute little cottage!

We first made a run to our local hardware store and grabbed spray primer, the five colors we wanted to use (black shutters, charcoal roof, white house, aqua door + gold finishes) and polished off shopping with an online purchase of a gold bell and a glass knob to put on the door.


To start we laid each piece of the little house out on drop cloths and got to work priming first and letting it sit for 24 hours. Once dry, we painted the roof charcoal, the exterior and interior white, the door aqua blue, the shutters black, and the flag pole and purchased knob gold.

We were sure to use aerosol paint that was specifically for plastic. Once completely dry (another 24 hours!) we sprayed a clear sealant over the top and yep, it was another 24 hours before we added the finishing touches! We simply drilled pilot holes for the hardware (bell + doorknob) and screwed it right in nice and snug. They’re the perfect touches to add a little flair! Had we had nice warmer weather (instead of the cool wind and crisp rain) we would have been able to cut the time in half! This was worth the wait, however!

This little cottage is so fun for kids of any age and a must have in your yard! We couldn’t help ourselves to accessorize it! We made a Target run and added some XL throw pillows + toys as well as a faux cactus and layered doormats. My 3-year-old was in heaven playing with dollies but the possibilities are endless… using the cottage as a post office with the mail slot, a lemonade stand with the open door to serve drinks and treats out of, and etc. It is nice to fill the growing imagination of little ones!

We are especially excited to donate a cottage to the Sunshine Acres children’s home here in Arizona. The kids that reside there will surely love it as much as my toddler!

This was such a fun project to makeover and extra fun for us to see a glimpse of our childhood playhouse come back to life!


We’re Kelli and Kristi from sunny Arizona! We’re twin sisters who have been crafting since we could hold a crayon. Our mom would sit us at the counter as early as age 2 where we would color for hours. Today we can still craft for hours… just replacing the crayons with a vinyl cutter, wood saw and paint!

11 Replies to Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ Makeover: Lolly Jane Edition

  1. I love the creativity of all these bloggers. I am planning to repaint the old one my grandchildren have. I can hardly wait! My favorite one was painted by Sarah of Thistlewood Farms blog.

  2. Hi, Rebecca! We love their creativity as well! If you haven’t already, please cast your vote on the official Little Tikes contest page to be entered into the giveaway. That’s where we are selecting our winner. 🙂

  3. I love #3 , kids can learn many things from these little places. One is being content in there own space, reading books, learning how to create a farmer’s market perhaps and playing store. Learning how to make change and being respectful of there customers. They have such great imaginations.☺

  4. I love this and plan on following suit. Waiting for sunny days so I can attack my new DIY project! Would you mind posting links to the accessories? Also, how many cans of paint did you use? All spray paint? Thanks!

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