(CLOSED) Vote for Your Favorite Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ Makeover!


When reminiscing about your favorite childhood toys, you’d be hard pressed not to find at least one from the Little Tikes company. Makers of the iconic Cozy Coupe and Turtle Sandbox, this brand has encouraged play and sparked the imaginations of children around the world for years.

At, we believe in the power of imagination, too—whether it’s making a list of dream-home features or transforming a space with creative home decor inspiration. So, it was only appropriate to team up with Little Tikes as they celebrate their 50th anniversary this year!

To commemorate this special milestone, we asked our favorite home decor bloggers to make over a Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ into their dream home, complete with their “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves.” Check out these tutorials from Lolly Jane, Thistlewood Farms, and Thrift Diving for a more detailed look at their creative journeys. We gave them complete freedom with their designs, and they painted, spackled, drilled, and glued to create stunning works of art.

This is where YOU come in!

Take a look at the stunning transformations below, then vote for your favorite in the comments. In addition to donating a Cozy Cottage Playhouse to the charity of their choice, the winning blogger will receive an additional $750 to give to that charity. PLUS, one voter will be chosen at random to win a $250 gift card!


Contest Rules: Only one vote per person. Voting closes at 11:59 p.m., EST on Thursday, April 4, 2019. The winner will be announced on our blog and social channels on or around Friday, April 5, so stay tuned! See full list of rules here. 


***NOTE: Comments may not display immediately after posting, so don’t worry if you don’t see yours right away!***



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2,754 Replies to (CLOSED) Vote for Your Favorite Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ Makeover!

  1. KariAnne’s playhouse rocks! The winner by a mile! I love her! She designed such a cute, chic black & white dream that I want to be little again!

  2. They are all creative and wonderful! However, my vote goes to #2 How absolutely imaginative!

  3. They are all imaginative and creative, however I vote for KariAnne #2 outstanding!

    PS if this is a duplicate vote it is because I am not seeing my original comments and vote, I even refreshed my phone. If this comes up as a duplicate please disregard and delete this message as I know only one vote per person is allowed.

  4. They’re all cute, but I vote for#2 – Thistlewood Farms. Love the black and white! And little kids love to “shop” at the market.

  5. I vote for #3! Very creative, beautiful colors, and after showing the pictures to my granddaughters, they made my choice easier! I had no idea that this could be painted. Great ideas Job well done

  6. I just Love Love number 3 my daughter also pointed at it and said she wants it they are all wonderful though very crafty

  7. #3. My kids play rough. 1&2 would be destroyed in an hour. They’re too pretty, number three is cute and durable looking. Also it’s probably the most achievable look for a not Sosa you parent.

  8. I think the Thrift Diving makeover is cute AND the most practical for an outdoor playhouse. On point Serena.

  9. #2 Thistlewood Farms!!! It is too cute and will spark imagination and loads of fun for any child’s playtime.

  10. #2 Thistlewood Farms

    My kids loved playing store and it is one of my grandson’s favorite things to do. Wonderfully creative

  11. # 2 Thistlewood Farms cottage transformation gets my vote. I love all the creative and original details!

  12. #1 is the one my kids would play with. They are all fantastic and so creative, but that is the one that I think is most inviting for kids.

  13. #3. Gets my vote! They’re all cute. One is minimal, 2 might be a little over decorated.. but 3, is just right! Live the color scheme

  14. #3 Thrift Driving. I feel as though she put so much effort into the details and completely transformed the cottage. I can see it capturing the imagination of a child with the different colors, textures, and the letters and numbers displayed on each window. Kudo’s to her for a job well done!

  15. Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ Makeover: Thistlewood Farm Edition THEY ARE ALL GREAT!

  16. No.1 Is adorable, easy to go with any decor, easy to grab and go to bring inside incase of rain. The little bell and flag holder is an amazing touch. I could see my daughter in here reading books or make believing.

  17. I like 3 because it is still playful for kids, has numbers and letters outside for some educational part and the stonewall has a nice and different look.

  18. My grandchildren & I love the Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ Makeover: Thrift Diving Edition! 😉

  19. #3 because actually practical for kids playing and cleaning afterwards, plus more kid friendly colors.

  20. I love the look of # 3, very easy on the eyes, love the concept of # 2. I think I choose # 3 and would let the kids use their imagination….some days their house, some days a store.

  21. I really love them all. Every one of you did a amazing job. I guess I have to pick only one though and with that I will go with Thistlewood Farms Number 2. I love the beautiful colors, the detail and hard work you put into it. Looks Great

  22. I love number 3! The Rock’s are such a lovely change to the regular Little tikes houses. I also love the white trim and colors. What an awesome idea. The other ones are really cute too but number 3 is my favorite.

  23. Hands down Thistlewood Farms! Number 2! Wow! She turned a modern fun play house and it’s so ‘in’! Farm to Table and the outdoor connecting to indoor play area and flora n fauna! How gorgeous!

  24. I absolutely love #2 it’s so detailed and everything matches perfectly looks so inviting.

  25. #3…seems like the easiest and more affordable makeover, plus you dont need anything extra for rugs or accessories (like a deck or patio to place them)

  26. My vote is for number 3. I love the idea of the added Rock. I have been doing daycare for 28 years with many purchased cottages and the addition of the rocks makes the house so warm and cozy looking. I love the colors also especially with the white trim. The other two are really cute too but my favorite is number three.
    I am like someone else who did not see my post so this could be a second post from me. Sorry

  27. No. 2. Absolutely the cutest idea. Kids could play
    in there for hours, using play fruit or real fruit.

  28. I have 4 amazing grandsons. Blue is all boy…lol.
    My kidos will never want to come in the big it

  29. 3 because it looks inviting to little kids. Also because it seems to be less involved than the other two and would be portable without all the extras. Plus it allows the children to add stuff themselves. It is a great make over while being simplistic allowing the kids to use imagination.

  30. Number 2 for sure. Our grand-daughter would love something like that as one of her favourite things to do is play store

  31. Number two because it is adorable, but I think it also has the most diverse play possibilities.

  32. #2. I run an at home daycare and the children would be able to let their imaginations run wild with this makeover.

  33. The three playhouses are absolutely gorgeous but I admit that the thistlewood farms transformation was breathtaking. So it’s #2 for me !!! Good luck to all three of you.

  34. 3 is my favorite. They are all so adorable, but #3 is my favorite. I vote for #3 – Thrift diving.

  35. 3!3!3!3!
    it looks doable and durable. I’m absolutely taking this concept and making it a part of my own little ones playset.

  36. # 3. Fantastic quality and great idea. Will last a long time outside in any weather. Should take the children a long time to destroy this one. The little angel’s ?.

  37. Thrift Diving.

    The contest is confusing because in the picture Thrift Diving is 3 but then it’s listed as number one.

  38. 3! Love those rocks. It looks like a little model home from the outside! I think kids would love that it looks so realitic

  39. 3 for sure! The house itself is done not just decoration around it. Good job to all. (My vote is for 3.) What a nice thing to do. I know the winner will be thrilled!

  40. #2 Thistlewood Farms is soooo cute and will hold the child’s attention longer. Love it!

  41. My granddaughters love their little play kitchen and love to pretend play cook meals, so the little Thistlewood Farms #2
    Farm to Table playhouse would be an awesome addition. Absolutely love everything about it!, from the color scheme to the little awning and fruit and vegetable boxes! Fantastic Job!

  42. 3 Thrift Diving… it looks most useful & genuine fun for creative kids. 2 is gorgeous, but not practical for kids to let loose and enjoy it. Cobblestones are great!

  43. 3, because of the cobble stone exterior. Reminds me of cute cottages in England. She definitely went above and beyond to decorate this little house. Love it.

  44. Number 3 is my favorite. Love the contrasting teal roof and absolutely love the stone work detail. Awesome work thrift diving?❤️!

  45. I chose number #3 Thrift Diving concept. Fantastic quality and great colours while still leaving it for the children to use their own imagination and to dress it up as to how they want to play. Will last a long time in the outside weather as i live in England we never know what season we will get in anyone day. Should take a long time for the children to dismantle it the little angels ?

  46. Love 3, I won’t be worried about the kids messing up the cute little details in 1 and 2.

  47. They’re all so cute and are sure to be loved by some lucky little ones! My pick is #3 because of the colors, cobblestone and overall clean lines.

  48. #2. Thistlewood. It’s the best. I love her vision and I’m all about Farm to Table. She also went above & beyond with the adorable models.

  49. I like # 3. I like this because, this house is for children, and this person incorporated learning into her home. Not, only can the children play, the children can also learn. This s the house I would put in my childcare center. Way to go!

  50. 3 I like the blue and stone along with numbers and letters It is cute and age appropriate Fun!

  51. #3 because it is really outside the box… I mean cobblestones… grout… and teal! They were all great honestly it was hard to choose but I feel like Serena really went above and beyond on this one!

  52. Have to go with #3 – it looks like a real house and I love the stones. It also looks the most durable and takes up the least amount of space (since it doesn’t incorporate the area outside).

  53. I like 3, Thrift Diving, because she decorated the actual playhouse instead of just garnishing it with accessories. The color and stones make it pop

  54. All three are very nice! The colors and cobblestone work on number three did it for me.

    My vote is for number three.

  55. #3 by Thrift Diving. I live Serena’s classy designs and her great writing. (The system said I was “posting too fast…slow down” and seems to have dumped my first attempt at commenting, hope this one goes through!)

  56. # 3 with the colorful stones and the real looking stone/ cinder block foundation — how cute is that! All 3 are cute cute cute — but I think # 3 for me.

  57. 3, love the teal and the cobblestone plus i love the numbers and letters put there showing learning can be fun

  58. #3 —-(Thrift Diving) simple yet beautiful and I love the stone look and the blue!! ???

  59. 3, love the teal and the cobblestone plus i love the numbers and letters put there showing learning can be fun.

  60. #3 it’s different, colorful and outside the box. I really like the cobble stone. #thriftdiving

  61. It has to be #3! It’s a house that I could just imagine setting up right next to my house and having it fit in perfectly! Absolutely beautiful job for all three houses Ladies!!

  62. My vote is for #2. I love the way u can play inside and outside that’s just as cute.

  63. Number 3!!
    They all have something for me to take away from as a daycare provider.
    The children love going outdoors and playing and when I asked them which one they like the best they too picked that one!
    When asking them why they said because of the color and the rocky stuff! I’m going to have to agree!
    it presents well and has a certain flair that speaks to the audience!!, Children!!
    BTW, thanks for having a fun-tastic event!

  64. #2 Thistlewood Farm Edition. Amazing renovation to every littles dream incorporating a Farmhouse. Absolutely a stunning and remarkable job well done !!

  65. #3 is AWESOME! Love the colors and the stone adds so much value.. That took time and patience! Great talent!

  66. The mom in me likes #2 but the kid in me loves #3. My neices and nephews would loved # 3

  67. I vote for number 3. It looks sturdy and like it won’t blow/tip/or be pushed over very easily. I like the idea of putting up numbers and letters to make an address for the house. I think kids and family would get a kick of decorating/ making it with the child who is going to own/play in it. Good job Thrift Diving

  68. Number 3

    The teal is also the ribbon color for ovarian cancer support. I have a friend who actually survived ovarian cancer and she wears a teal ribbon and a button pin that says “Teal Strong.” Plus the cottage is very cozy with realistic looking details. A lot of great tea parties could be hosted there.

  69. Definitely #3! I feel like #1 is pretty and girly and #2 has cute decor items with it. But, in my opinion, #3 took the challenge to really transform the actual playhouse. Any child would love to play in it, girl or boy. And any decor items can be added to suit the child who is playing in it.

  70. #3 because the actual house has been transformed the most. It’s perfect for a girl or a boy. Decor items are easy to add to suit the child.

  71. Thistle wood farms!!! Love love the navy! Kinda wish my daughter still had hers! I thought I was doing something when I planted pretty vincas all around it and a coordinating garden flag!?

  72. I vote #3 as my favorite. Love the stone exterior. It looks just like a real little home and leaves room for imagination.

  73. #3 because I love all the detail work on the Thrift Diving Edition design. It looks like a minature house, in popular gray and turquoise. It is perfect to spark imagination and creativity.

  74. They’re all do cute! so some lucky little ones are sure to enjoy! My pick is #3 because of the colors, cobblestone and clean lines.

  75. My choice is number 3. Colors and cobblestone make it seem like a “real” little house, so inviting. Love the teal/gray combination too! Lots of work and imagination went into designing this playhouse.

  76. #3 for sure. Everyone did a great job but #3 was more creative and beautifully designed.

  77. 3 Thrift Diving – it’s what I would like my She shed to look like. Stunning! Good luck all.

  78. I adore #2, I want to live there….the neighborhood gatherings we could have. a concession stand, lemonade sale, did I forget a tea party? makeup and dress up, Oh my the crafts to enjoy!

  79. I have to support #3 Thrift Diving bacuse I love her YouTube and work!! Everyone’s looks amazing though!!!

  80. I love #2! What an amazing makeover!!!! Thistlewood Farms! Adorable!?????Farm to table!! Sweet sweet lady also!!?

  81. #3 (Thrift Diving) the colors are eye catching and relaxing. It retains the “playhouse” feel…that’s what it It looks clean and gives me a good overall feeling. Im fond of stone homes & great color choice. Thumbs up to the designer!! 🙂

  82. #3! I feel like the river rock addition actually “transformed” the house. The teal addition makes it pop! She took this to the next level and knocked it out of the park. The house speaks for itself, no props needed.

  83. #3 I like the design and color, as well as that it’s just the house, doesn’t add a lot of outside extras.

  84. #3, by Thrift Diving! I love that the river-rock/cobblestone combination could be applied to an older house even without additional paint. Really makes an upgrade from the cheery plastic!

  85. #3. Not only is it super cute with the cottage stone, but I agree with another commenter who mentioned the diversity of the look. One day a house, one day a store, maybe a library or a school. Good job to all!

  86. #2 Thistlewood Farms is absolutely chic!! The awning, colors and decor is matched perfectly.

  87. Love the all, Farm to table is my thing but I have to go with #3, all that detail and river rock come-on, that’s great.

  88. #2 The farm to table play theme is popular for good reason. My son especially loves farm play sets and digging in his garden. He enjoys planting, caring for, harvesting and eating his veggies. He also enjoys cooking with his kitchen and shopping or selling with his market. An all in one garden playhouse and market would be an awesome alternative to multiple large playsets. It would also be alot of fun!

  89. #3! It just looks like a children’s playhouse with A B C’s and 1 2 3’s. The colors are so great together.

  90. 3!! It stayed within the concept of a playhouse and added educational elements. And i love the colors!!!

  91. Number 1 because it has a light and airy feel during the summer heat and it’s very pretty.

  92. I can’t believe we have to choose just one!! I vote #2 thistlewood farms but all of them are amazing work!

  93. All of the houses are super cute but I have to vote for #3 with the cobblestones. I wish had a shed just like it in my backyard (much bigger of course).

  94. #3 gets my vote. The transformation is still kid friendly and all my nieces and nephews would play here. I just love the way this done!

  95. Love # 3 from Thrift Diving.Great how she put the alphabet on one side and some numbers on the other side.The mosaic detail is fabulous and the colors coordinate very well. By the way,I have never had children,but I can see the importance in her design.

  96. I love the added awning, veggie boxes, and window box on #2! Definite winner, although all three are super cute!

  97. #2. The idea of a business in addition to playtime is a great teaching idea. Playtime teaching is the best. Great job Thistlewood Farms. ❤️??

  98. Loved them all but the beauty was in #3 That was a whole lot of work putting up that stone.
    I once made some planters for each corner of garage and it took me days to rest up. Great job Miss Serena

  99. I like 2. It is really a cute idea. I love the awning addition. Teaching kids about growing and selling is teaching future enterprise at its best

  100. #3 gets my vote! The playhouse makeover by Thriftdvng is so pretty and the cobblestone detail is amazing! A larger version of this as a garden shed would be awesome!

  101. Definitely Number 3, because it looks modern and fresh (love the blue) without looking cluttered with extra stuff out front. The trim with alphabet and numbers is educational and so appropriate for little tykes!

  102. #3 because I love the beach vibe with the real and stone tiling. That must have taken forever! Well done, Serena!

  103. #3!!! So cute yet practical! My girls would play for hours in a cottage that looked like that!

  104. #3!!! So cute yet practical! My girls would play for hours in a cottage that looked like that!

  105. Definitely Number 3, it looks modern and fresh (love the blue) without a lot of extra clutter out in front. Love that the texture change and the number and alphabet panels are educational and appropriate for little tykes!

  106. Number 3 for sure! The details of the original house stand out so much more with the colors she chose and the river rocks are such a great addition!

  107. I love the cottage look of #3, Thrift Diving’s entry. They all did great work, but that’s really unique!

  108. #3, Thrift diving, is my favorite! I love the contrast of the teal roof and absolutely love the stone detail! Awesome job Thrift Diving❤️?!!

  109. I love #3 from thrift diving. It has a modern look with the gray bricks and teal painted roof, the educational side for the children to see their 123 ABC address, and the matching teal mailbox that stands out in the cobblestone wall. I would buy that house if I could afford it in my neighborhood. She did a great job.

  110. #3. Serena, from ThriftDiving, you deserve my vote, my admiration and my respect! What an amazing effort you put into this project. Love the teal color. It’s great for girls AND boys! Also, the river rock texture looked like hard work but it paid off in the end. Props to you! What a wonderful way to raise money for a cause you care about. Best of luck to all the contestants.

  111. I love love love #1 (Lolly Jane)! The black windows and white house really pop (I love the contrast). The blue door is so cute and that bell!!! I love this! Great job (they are all awesome really)

  112. These ladies are good! I have to vote for #3 from Thrift Diver. 1 is a precious princess look, 2 is adorable but almost targeted to an adult, but 3 is all about hard playing kids, yet nice enough to be seen by the neighbors!

  113. #2 because they seemed to alter the original house more than the others. I do love them all though!

  114. #3 Serena from ThriftDiving. This one has the most detail to the house. The other play houses are just black and white and decorated with stuff. Take all that away and the playhouses are just bleh.

  115. #1 Thrift Diving
    All the houses are very cute! What a great idea to raise money for a good cause/charity.
    Good luck to all 3 participants.

  116. #3 Thrift Diving… It has a neutral range of colours, grey tones work well with the overall design, cobble stone… Ohhh My!!!! Brilliant idea of using a bit of grandeur and little bit of natural stone so as to not gender relate so Boys and girls alike can play for hours on end and imagine themselves being in a big house with cobble stone and neutral colours to decorate inside of their cubby house…. Best of luck to you all. Cheers Jo 🙂

  117. Hands down #3!!!! Little Tykes caters to both boys and girls. Although the other two are just adorable, the detailing and thought put into actually transforming rather than merely decorating, makes it worthy of being the winner. I think it should go as far as to making a replica and producing to sell for kids to play in. My middle school daughter loves it and my baby boys also agree in voting for Thrift Diving.

  118. Number 2. It is so cute and I love the choices she made. I would love to have that for my great niece to play in. She would have so much fun with it.

  119. #2 Karianne ‘s Farm House is the best transformation of any playhouse I have ever seen. This should be a model for Little Tikes to produce. Young children love visiting farms, helping parents plant backyard gardens, and picking the treats their gardens provide. This Farm to Table house is so much cuter than a wooden shed to sell ones garden’s delights.

  120. I vote for #3. Good luck to all, of course, but especially to my favorite, Serena at Thrift Diving!

  121. #3 has my vote with the stones and teal with grey color….love it….

    Great job to all participants. Love the creativity.

  122. All the designs are great, but the one that has the most appeal for both boys and girls is number 2 by Thistledown Farms – love it!

  123. I vote for number 2! I love the fun style! So many great details! It’s sure to spark every child’s imagination. Just one question…Can I come over and play!

  124. #3 – ThriftDiving gets my vote! Love the river rock, the teal color, and just the freshness of the look of this adorable little playhouse. Great work, Serena! The other houses are cute, too!

  125. My vote goes to Thrift Diving. All those stones gathered, placed and grouted must have taken a long time to become the ‘art house’ it is. The look of the cottage is enhanced by that particular design.

  126. #2. Thistlewood Farm Edition, This one captured me. The canopy over the doorway and the oversized rug brought the project together, it is delightful!

  127. #2. Thistlewood Farm. This one is not only cute but it also offers the children more room for their imaginations to grow, from the covered porch to the tables out front. This one’s a keeper.

  128. #3 – Thrift Diving. The design rocks! Literally. Best use of materials & most appealing without being gender specific.

  129. #3! Wow! That is beautiful! She made it look so expensive! So many gorgeous details!

  130. Thrift Diving wins hands down for the gorgeous colors and the cobblestone!. When you take away the accessories, the other houses are just plain black and white.

  131. #3, most creative of the lot. #2 is a fruit stand, I thought they were supposed to be cottages.

  132. My vote goes to #3. Great job. The house can be for girls and boys!! Love the color combination and the stones. Numbers and letters is a plus. Amazing!!!

  133. I vote for #2 ThistleWood Farms
    I voted #2 because they were able to give this little playhouse not only a makeover but it’s own personality and it brought out character.
    I absolutely adore this little playhouse.

  134. My favorite is the Cape Cottage Playhouse * Thrift Diving – Serena Arpaio

    I love the cobble stones. It is really cute and looked like a Lot of work!

  135. Wow ! #3 is perfect for all the kiddos! It is the most practical. The others are cute with all the props but have a not to be played in look. Thrift Diving one is for EVERYONE and the real cobblestone is perfect for the outdoors. Looks like a nice, original, meticulous design that would last a long time, especially for kids. I wish we had one just like it. #3 is the winner for sure.

  136. Thrift Diving. Love the teal roof and the stone look. The others are nice, but the teal and stone look wins in my book!

  137. #2 Cute as a button, wonderful for all young children great for imagination and colorful stimulating and helps with math skills n working with other people being polite ect. Just wonderful?

  138. Definitely number 3! Serena, you’ve shown creativity and imagination, but also a real play house for both genders. I would run to it if this was in my yard.

  139. #3 I love the teal and gray and cobblestones are my favorite! (I’m not trying to vote twice, I don’t see my 1st post)

  140. I vote # 3
    I love how she also created not only a play house but included letters and numbers
    so the children can continue learning at play .
    Its colorful bright fun and so many details .
    Beautiful for any yard or play area

  141. #2 My granddaughters would love this house so out doors.Would play in it for hours.

  142. #3, Thrift Diving edition – very creative use of materials, and a sweet, homey result any child would love!

  143. I’m in for #2. There’s a lot of great ideas there and I think kids could really think outside the box in that one.

  144. Awwww, Amber! You are so thoughtful!! Thank you so much for appreciating the time and creativity that went into this project! You hit the nail on the head: I wanted this house to be gender-neutral, something that would fit both boys and girl and that would look like an accessory inside or outside any parents’ home. And I love your idea of them creating a replica! What do you say, Little Tykes….? 😉 I’m game if you are! LOL

  145. #3

    Number 3 does it for me! Look at that cobblestone goodness! Tuck this sweet cottage close to a tree and have hours of fun playing. That teal is the perfect partner to the gray and stone. 🙂

  146. Drum roll please….#3
    All are stunning choices and above anything that I would have thought of. Congrats

  147. #3 – The Thriftdiving entry got me with those cute cobblestones. Oh and the adorable numbers and letters and teal mailbox!

  148. Thrift Diving Edition by Serena. Terrific color and style. Perfect for any kids clubhouse.

  149. # 3 Love the color, cobblestones, and detail. I want an “adult -size” for my backyard. So beautiful!!!

  150. #3 because it pops! Texture, the blues and grays stand out. Also, maintains the integity of the original playhouse. I love it!

  151. Here’s another vote for #3! Great job to all three, and thanks for the inspiration. I’ve seen used plastic playhouses (and kitchen etc) come available at garage sales and I’ve never thought to make one over!

  152. 3 Thrifty Diving – its for kids to enjoy, create and help imagination. It appears to be safer for children to play in and around.

  153. 2- I love the fact that kids could plant in the planter boxes in the front and then eat what they plant in a few months!

  154. #: 3 It’s beautiful done . I love the numbers and letters on it , I would definitely buy this for my Daycare . it’s a winner !!!

  155. Vote for #3 Serena from Thrift diving
    Number 3 is beautifully done . I love the numbers & letters , Any boy or girl will love it . I would purchase this for my Daycare .

  156. 3. Thrift Diving because she used great colors to jazz it up, and added texture! Thinking outside the box.

  157. I vote for the thrift diving one!
    I love the colors and the cobblestone very creative idea.

  158. #3,…. It looks like the mom made it. Not the child who plays in it. Just takes a little thinking “outside the box!” Nice job…. No pink. Barbie would be pissed!. Good Luck!!!!

  159. They’re all so cute, some lucky little ones are sure to enjoy them! My choice is Serena’s #3 with the cobblestone, nice color and clean lines.

  160. 3 – Thrift Diving. The cobblestones and the teal and gray color combination put it over the top in my opinion! It’s beautiful! 🙂

  161. #3 Thrift Diving gets my vote. I love the colors and the clean lines. I adore the stonework. Children will use their imagination to create whatever playtime scenarios they want. It’s very snazzy! Great job!

  162. #3 My favorite is Thrift Diving one. I would never have thought of doing it that way! She’s always so creative. The others are cute as well!

  163. I choose # 2. It is so creative. Love the farm to table idea !! I love the farmhouse style.

  164. #2. Thistlewood Farms. All were great but having three daughters I especially love the grocery store/Farm to Table concept

  165. #2 Thistlewood Farms because she not only painted and decorated but added function to the playhouse.

  166. #3!! Absolutely love the stone accents – makes it look so classy. This one “rocks”!!!

  167. #3. Love the cottage feel to it. The warmth of the colors bring a welcome home feel. Kids would love playing in this home. It has a?real home feel to it.

  168. Thistlewood Farm Edition!!! #2.
    I would have loved something like this for my kids when they were little!!

  169. #2 Thistlewood Farms!!!! Certainly the most creative and encourages imaginative play! Love it:)

  170. #3 love the cottage feel with the Rock and colors. It has a welcome home feel to it. Just lIke a real home. The kids would love playing in this home. I can see my grandkids wanting to landscape around this with a patio and flowers. The others are lovely but this one has more warmth and a come play with me vibe. More of a come move and stay feel. Great job Thrift Diving. This is my second post as my first did not show up.

  171. #2 – Thistlewood Farms entry touches my heart. Actually made a “Mercado” for my granddaughter for Christmas.

  172. I love #2! That black and white grocery store is so cute- I may try to duplicate it for my own lil shopping girls!

  173. #2! She turned it into something completely different! I want to play in it! Plus, the added front area is genius.

  174. Love the thrift diving. If the rules were to change the original playhouse, I would say she did the most revisions without including outside structures, rugs, pillows, etc.

  175. #2
    I love the black and white, the creativity, and the theme! Who doesn’t love a farmers market!

  176. When I was a kid we had a little shop nicknamed the Jot ‘m Down Store, they wrote your order down, you went off on other errands, and when you came back the order was all filled and boxed and ready to go. The note pad and black and white awning had me!!

  177. My favorite is the thrift diving edition with the stones and grout. Adorable! They are all so cute!

  178. #2 Thistlewood Farms ~ Reminds me of the upcoming Farmer’s Market season. Love to promote this whole Farm to Table concept ~ fresh fruit and vegetables for the consumer while supporting our local farm producers!

  179. #3. Loved the cobblestones. Unique! I thought that she put much thought to the project. Really change the look from the original (out of the box look) and truly made it one of a kind.

  180. #3 – Thrift Diving – There are so many little details yet not so many that there isn’t room for imagination.

  181. #2 Thistlewood Farms Edition!! Hers is modern, yet still speaks to the ‘old’ days and selling roadside fruits and veggies!! I would love to do this for my future granddaughters!

  182. #2 Thistlewood

    Everyone did such a great job. However, Thistlewood just stands out! In my past career working with preschoolers,
    my favorite teaching unit and theirs too was when we created a food market. During open play they would spend all of their time in our little market. If this were a marketed item from Little Tykes I would purchase in a heartbeat.

    If I am lucky enough to win the $250 drawing, please donate to the winners charity.