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What You Should Be Doing To Attract The Most Home Buyers

As flowers begin to bloom and the familiar sound of a lawn mowers runs in the distance, these are signs not just of Spring but of home selling season! In fact, each year existing home sales increase on average of 33% between February and March. And as the real estate market begins to adjust & alter, it’s important for sellers to know how to attract the most home buyers during the peak season. It’s not as simple as placing a real estate sign in the yard. Buyers are looking in different ways & expecting different things. In conjunction with their Realtor, sellers need to cater their advertising, their property, and the amenities to today’s buyers.

Find Your Buyers Online

According to the National Association of Realtors, buyers spend at least two months searching for a home before they make an offer. In addition, the younger the buyer, the more they search online. In fact, in 2016 alone, 44% of buyers searched for properties online first. More than hosting an open house, sellers & their Realtors must employ creative approaches that appeal to those buyers searching online. Wondering how to find your buyers online? Here are some practical tips you & your Realtor should use in marketing your home!

real estate photography

  1. High-Quality Professional Photography

    The days of cell phone pictures for home listings is no longer adequate to appeal to today’s buyers. As buyers search through hundreds of listings, crisp, wide-angle images are essential for capturing their attention. In fact, listings with professional photography sell 32% faster and get 61% more views! More than just professional photography, listings need to have numerous photos with reach room represented in the pictures.

  2. Videography

    From aerial views to 360 walking tours, videography is critical to appealing to buyers. Worldwide, 51% of marketing professionals credit videography with the highest rate of return on the investment. By hiring a professional videographer, a listing is transformed from still-shots to a dimensional, welcoming tour of the home- inviting buyers in. These high-quality videos only need to be a few minutes in length, encompass the interior & exterior, and offer pertinent information about the property. With proper marketing online, social media, and MLS, the few hundred dollars spent on the video tour might just prove to be priceless!

  3. Utilizing Social Media

    It’s no secret the power of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and all other social media platforms. It’s essential that sellers are using these platforms to market their home! 86% of home buyers say they would use video to learn more about a community! By utilizing professional photography & videography, Realtors have the opportunity to meet buyers as they’re scrolling their Facebook newsfeed. By well-placed advertising, strategic hashtags, and location tags, buyers are discovering (& sharing!) listings they love!

  4. Utilizing Home Search Engines

    While buyers are seeing listings on social media platforms, without a doubt, they’re searching for their next home on home search websites like There are currently almost three million homes for sale on It’s essential for homes to be advertised on these websites as they offer important tools buyers rely on: defined search engines, mortgage calculators, searchable comps, etc.

If sellers & their Realtors work together to incorporate creative & relevant marketing strategies, sellers can attract home buyers- and get their home sold!

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