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If You Want To Sell Your Home Stop Doing This

There are many steps to prepare for selling a home. Oftentimes, homeowners will clean out the closets, touch up the paint, clean the bathrooms, or add some landscaping and a pretty wreath to amp up the curb appeal. Sometimes this preparation can be difficult as sellers are emotionally attached to the property and the work they’ve done to it. Understandably, they want people to appreciate the upgrades they’ve done to make the house a home. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to convey that message to buyers.

One Thing Sellers Must Stop Doing to Sell Their Home

The absolute best resource a homeowner can have when selling their home is a licensed Realtor. The role of a Realtor extends far beyond planting a sign in the yard. Instead, they will market all of the home’s assets—including the homeowner’s upgrades and changes. Even with a licensed professional on board, many sellers make the same mistake when trying to sell their home: they won’t leave. It’s crucial to leave your home for showings, and there are several reasons why. In fact, Kiplinger’s ranks sellers staying home as one of their top seven reasons why a house is still on the market.

It’s No Longer Your Home

This may seem crazy given the fact you’re still paying the mortgage. The goal isn’t to sell your home but to sell the house to be someone else’s new home. Buyers do not want to feel like they’re visiting someone else’s home. Instead, they want to imagine themselves in the house as their own home. If you’re showing them where you host family dinners or where your kids played in the background, you’re showing your memories—which do not add value to the property.

Buyers Feel Nosy if Sellers are Hovering Over Them

Buyers want the freedom to explore every square inch of the home without feeling nosy. Oftentimes, sellers may try to explain why the room is messy or what the home looked like when they moved in, and all this strategy does is take a buyer’s eyes off the house and focuses their attention on the seller. Buyers want to look in closets, cupboards and laundry rooms, so a seller’s Realtor will encourage homeowners to have these spaces show-ready.

Homeowners Might Get Offended

Homeowners are understandably emotionally invested in their homes, but it’s critical to remember that not every buyer will love your home…or the paint, curtains, or carpet that you chose. Sometimes the buyers will verbalize their distaste, whether it’s the landscaping or the layout, so it’s important to remember that it is not a personal attack on you as the homeowner. Hearing negative critique can often trigger a negative response, which does not help to sell a home.

What A Seller Can & Should Do Instead Of Staying At The Home

  • Have the home clean and organized
  • Turn on all the lights when leaving for a showing
  • Work with your Realtor to create a marketing flyer showcasing upgrades on the property
  • Encourage your Realtor to create a marketing video which could play on auto-loop of the TV during showings
  • Crate or remove all pets from the property during showings
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