DIY Clock for your home

These DIY Clock Kits Make for a Fun Project and an Interesting Decoration

Building a clock at home from custom ingredients or a pre-made kit is easier now than ever. Learn a few ways to make your own DIY clock.

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Make Your Own Clock for Fun and Enjoyment

Humans have been fascinated with time since our species first realized its existence. While our understanding of how time works has become very sophisticated, combining physics and metaphysics, for most of us, time is something we are both bound by and in search of. Our experience of our lives seems very much related to how much we are enjoying what we are doing or how much we are looking forward to the next thing. Either way, we’re bound by time.

Setting all that aside, most of us generally need to have an idea of what time it is, thusly, the overwhelming need for clocks. And, while the mini-computer you have in your pocket most of the time has probably replaced many of the clocks you used to rely on, clocks retain a certain innate beauty as a decorative object with a purpose.

There are still many clocks being made to satisfy this need, but for fun and a sense of satisfaction, why not build a clock yourself? Today, you can purchase a kit that includes some or all of the parts, and have a working clock on your wall or desk in a matter of minutes – here’s how to do just that.

DIY Clock for your home

Entry-Level DIY: Clock Kits You Can Assemble at Home

The entry point for home clock making is simply purchasing a clock kit and building it. Most large online retailers (Amazon, Walmart,, and the like) carry multiple clock kits for your to choose from. There are even smaller online resources for those looking to purchase a clock kit. These kits typically come with everything you need to assemble a functioning time piece: the clock mechanism itself, the face, and the clock body.

But, simply because these are entry-level DIY projects doesn’t mean that those who crave a more challenging project can’t get what they need, as well.

Some of the specialty clock kit manufacturers make kits fully composed of wood (including the clock mechanism itself) that require patience, a deft hand, and some skill to assemble. Grandfather clock kits, clock and weather station kits, and a wide variety of other styles are all possible and available online.

DIY Clock for your home

Advanced DIY: Make a Clock Out of Anything

Building a complete clock from a mail-order clock kit can be a fun and interesting way to spend a few minutes, a few hours or a month of Sundays, but there is an additional layer of awesome that can be accessed when it comes to making your own timepieces. The second level of DIY clock making begins with purchasing a mechanism, and then choosing what you want to make your clock face and/or body from.

You can purchase pre-made clock faces that you can attach to just about anything. Or you can purchase a mechanism and mount it on the wall surrounded by whatever you like – photographs, decals, Lego parts, driftwood, yarn balls. Seriously, the only limits are your imagination when it comes to making clocks.

DIY Clock for your home

Keeping Time for Fun and Relaxation

Making your own clock isn’t for everyone, but it certainly could be. It just takes a little free time and the desire to do something fun that results in an object you can display that is both intrinsically beautiful (beauty being in the beholder’s eye) and utilitarian. DIY clocks also make great gifts that you can personalize or make personal to the recipient. We all use clocks, what clocks we use are up to us.

[images via: Architecture Art Design]

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