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Tips for Landscaping Around A Pool

Homes with backyard pools are often the talk of the neighborhood. Every kid and their parents will want to come over for a swim throughout the summer. Owning a home with a pool is a significant responsibility that can pay off when used on a daily basis. Having the opportunity to come home and take a refreshing dip in the pool is a luxury.

While there are plenty of safety measures to take when having a backyard pool, there are other considerations. Landscaping around the pool area will add both beauty and privacy. While some plants do great when used around pools, others will wilt from the onslaught of splashes and wet conditions. Consider these tips when landscaping around your pool this year.

Be Aware of Debris

While your favorite kind of tree may be your preference for the backyard, it may end up causing you more heartache and headaches. Trees are notorious for dropping a lot of debris. Blossoms can fall into the pool in the spring and leaves will clog the pool filter in the fall. Trees are essential to use around water for natural shade but consider planting palms to cut down on debris in the pool, and keep an electric leaf blower handy to keep debris off the deck areas.

Plant in Pots

Using large pots around the pool is an easy way to add color to the area without all the weed-pulling of a garden bed. Consider trailing plants such as creeping jenny or wave petunias that will hang over the side of a planter. Another option is ornamental native grasses in a brightly colored planter. Whatever you choose, make sure the plant thrives in sunlight since there will be quite a reflection of light coming off the pool.

Salt Tolerant Options

While most pools use chlorine, some recent technology has made saltwater pools more popular. These pools will harm nearby plants that aren’t salt tolerant. Choose plants such as yarrow, daylily, and blanket flower for those beds and pots near a saltwater pool. If you notice a plant turning brown due to frequent splashes, consider transplanting it to a spot farther away from the pool.

Bug-Resistant Plants

Mosquitoes are notorious for loving any kind of standing water. If you haven’t yet opened your pool for the season, you may notice a lot of mosquitoes taking advantage of the dirty water. Planting mosquito-resistant plants will help steer these insects away from the pool area, making it more comfortable to enjoy. Lemongrass, basil, and citronella are excellent at repelling mosquitoes and are easy to place in a planter on an outdoor dining table. Make sure to clear away any areas of standing water around the pool, like in forgotten swim toys or storage areas, to help cut down on mosquitoes.

Using native plants that enjoy a lot of sunlight, without adding debris, will help to create a lagoon effect. Large pots will give you the beauty you desire, without the back-breaking work of weeding. Take the plunge and add to that outdoor oasis by landscaping with pool-friendly plants.

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