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Austin-based Blogger Jesse Coulter Shares Nine Tips on the Homebuying Process

Buying your first home can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. has partnered up with Jesse Coulter, a lifestyle blogger from Austin, Texas, to share her homebuying experience. While moving wasn’t in the question until her friend, and realtor, had sent her a listing, the ball got rolling soon after. With the help of her husband and three children for inspiration as to what their next home will include, the search began.

As Jesse and her husband continued house hunting, was there to help them navigate the process. Shortly after, they found a home that was perfect for their growing family. However, Jesse realized that the homebuying process is a journey experienced by people everywhere and that the process can be long, confusing, and expensive for those who aren’t seasoned in purchasing a home. Jesse wants that to change.

Check out Jesse’s video below to hear her nine tips that help alleviate some stress during the homebuying process.

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