temporary storage solutions

Everything You Need to Know About Temporary Home Storage Solutions

Learn what to do when you need a temporary home storage solution and need help reviewing the available options.

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Where to Put All Your Stuff for the Time Being

Unless Marie Kondo has been to your home already and KonMari-ed her way through your things, chances are good that you have an overabundance of stuff around the house. Sure, many of them are likely useful, some are sentimental, and some may even valuable. But if you stop to look around your home and really tally up all your stuff, you probably have quite a bit – extra.

This is all well and good, because most of us simply love our stuff. But if you’re looking at moving (and will be facing a gap between homes), doing a major home remodel, or for whatever reason need to store a significant amount of your things, it can be intimidating to consider where it will all go and how it will get there. Thankfully you have options, and maybe more options than you know.

temporary storage solutions

Offsite Storage Solutions

The first option that likely comes to mind when contemplating temporary home storage solutions is renting a secure storage space somewhere near your home, which can be the best option for many people. Depending on where you live, you probably have multiple options available to you at multiple price points.

All of the options you consider should be dry, inaccessible to the public, and they should offer some sort of guarantee of security. In fact, the main bonus of renting an offsite storage locker or space is security. Depending on the storage facility, it may be anywhere from somewhat secure (rows of locked garages behind a locked fence with security cameras) to very secure.

Some storage units even have climate-control capabilities that can be handy for anyone looking to store artwork, antiques, a wine collection, or other valuable items that demand a controlled climate.

If, on the other hand, you don’t need extra security or a special environment, you may be able to rent garage or warehouse space locally or get it from a friend, family member, or colleague for free. The main drawback to renting an offsite storage space is that you have to pack and move your belongings, or pay someone else to do it for you.

temporary storage solutions

Onsite Storage Solutions and Hybrid Approaches

The other option available to you, provided you have the space, is having extra storage space delivered right to your home. For a fee, there are several companies willing to drop off a storage container or pod at your home. These containers offer a modicum of general security and protection from the elements, and if you have the space, they offer both savings and convenience over renting storage offsite.

Rented storage pods or containers are only as secure as the location you have them in and the lock you use to secure them, however. Most do not offer guaranteed protection from the elements.

But on the flip side, they are considerably more convenient. Furthermore, there are companies that will drop off a container, let you load it, pick it up and store it for as long as you’re willing to pay, and then return it to you (or drop it off at another location).

temporary storage solutions

Everything You Need to Know About Temporary Home Storage Solutions… But Were Afraid to Ask

Very few of us truly need all of the things that we’ve accumulated at any given point in our adult lives. But unless you’re a minimalist, there’s a good chance that the accumulated stuff in your life brings you a bit of joy. Protecting it when you need to store it temporarily can be a daunting task, but armed with your options for temporary home storage, you are well on your way to a solution that will work for you and your things.

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