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The Priciest Streets in Major U.S. Cities

House hunting is an exciting experience, even if it can sometimes take a bit of time. With so many home characteristics to consider, there’s one factor that can instantly rule out the home of your dreams: price

The cost of a home is often what determines if a showing even takes place. At times, unfortunately, a home that has all of the “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” a homebuyer craves just doesn’t quite fit their budget. If you’re familiar with an area, usually you have a good sense of where the nicest (and most expensive) homes are, but sometimes there are a few hidden gems in even the priciest of neighborhoods. 

With that in mind, we decided to take a closer look at home value data to identify which streets are most expensive in 15 of the largest U.S. cities. Click through the cities below to see where their most expensive streets are located.

We’d also love to hear from you in the comments. If you live in one of the below cities, which street do you dream of moving to? If you live somewhere else, give us the scoop on the priciest neighborhoods near you!

Study Methodology

To determine which streets are the priciest across the country we utilized our internal data on home values. We calculated the average home value for each street in the 15 largest cities in the United States, then determined which ones have the highest overall. From there, we were able to show the priciest streets in each major U.S. city.

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Atlanta, GA

Nestled in the heart of Tuxedo Park, one of Atlanta’s ritziest areas, Woodhaven Road NW is the priciest street in all of Atlanta. Though many of the homes in this neighborhood are decked out with all the bells and whistles — like front-yard fountains, in-home elevators, and crystal chandeliers — sadly, the $4 million average home value, makes homes on Woodhaven Road unattainable for most.

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Boston, MA

If you’re ever house hunting in Boston with a $4-5 million budget, be sure to check out Louisburg Square. Offering some of the most expensive and elaborate homes in the city, Louisburg Square is pretty much the go-to neighborhood for the rich and famous. If you’re lucky enough to score a house in this community, you can expect to have high profile neighbors, like former secretary of state, John Kerry.

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Chicago, IL

As it turns out, purchasing a home in one of the most expensive Chicago neighborhoods comes at a more reasonable price-tag than in other major cities such as Boston or Atlanta. As the priciest street in the city, North Surrey Court homes go for around $1.7 million. Similarly, the second and third most expensive streets in the city have average home values in the $1.4 and $1.7 million range, respectively.

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Dallas, TX

They say everything’s bigger in Texas — and this holds true for average home values in several Dallas neighborhoods. Depending on the street, house hunters should expect to shell out about $5-7 million if they hope to purchase a home on one of the more desirable streets. In return, they’ll have some pretty unique in-home features to look forward to, such as wine cellars, yoga studios, tennis courts, and more.

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Detroit, MI

Given Detroit’s high crime rates, it makes sense that average home values here run steadily lower than those in other major cities. The good news, though, is this: Detroit is just about the only city that doesn’t require you to have a million-dollar budget to purchase a home on one of it’s priciest streets. In other words, even if you have $600,000 to spend, you can still afford to live in some of the nicest neighborhoods Detroit has to offer.

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Houston, TX

Between the perfectly manicured lawns, coffered ceilings, and in-home theaters that many of the homes provide, it’s not surprising that River Oaks Boulevard is the most expensive street in Houston. Prospective homeowners should be ready to spend around $7 million for a spot in this neighborhood. For those with a slightly lower, but still well above average budget, it might be best to check out Claremont Lane or Sandringham Drive listings.

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Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles living is notoriously pricey. Oddly enough though, average home values on some of the priciest streets in L.A., aren’t much more expensive than those in Texas. From North Bristol Avenue to North Faring Road, and everywhere in between, these homes are typically valued in the $7-8 million range.

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Miami, FL

Interestingly, home values on the priciest streets in Miami are a bit more affordable than those in L.A. While you could easily spend $6-7 million or more on an ocean-front home off of Leucadendra Drive or Arvida Parkway, other streets such as Journeys End Road and Buttonwood Lane offer homes in the $5 million range.

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New York, NY

Tucked in the center of Greenwich Village, Saint Lukes Place is the most expensive street in the Big Apple with home values averaging around $6 million. Location is everything when it comes to living in New York City, and whether you live in a $6 million townhome on St. Lukes Place or a $4 million penthouse by Union Square, it will cost you.

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Philadelphia, PA

In the City of Brotherly Love, average home values run lower than most other major U.S. cities. While no street in Philadelphia has an average home value higher than about $2.3 million, it should be noted that there are still areas of the city that are significantly more expensive than others. Neighborhoods in central Philadelphia, like Franklin Place and West Washington Square, for instance, have some of the highest home values.

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Phoenix, AZ

Over in Phoenix, East Valle Vista Road is the most expensive street to reside on with an average home value of nearly $2.8 million. While this is a lot to shell out, we found Phoenix to still be among the least expensive cities in our study.

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Riverside, CA

For those with million-dollar budgets looking to live near L.A., Riverside is a great option. Located just under an hour outside of the city, home values on Riverside’s most expensive streets run about $3-4 million cheaper than those in L.A. So, opting to purchase a home in Riverside rather than central Los Angeles, is certainly a more wallet-friendly decision.

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San Francisco, CA

Given the housing crisis in San Francisco, average home values across the city are sky-high — and those associated with priciest streets are no exception. At nearly $8 million, the average home value on Presidio Terrace is the highest in the city. With the neighborhood’s small size, even if you’re interested in living in this community, it’s very difficult to get in.  

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Seattle, WA

With major Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks headquartered in Seattle, the demand for housing is high across the city. Average home values on Seattle’s most expensive streets aren’t quite as high as those in other major west coast cities, likeSan Francisco, but they’re still far from cheap. Those interested in buying a home on NE Laurelcrest Lane, the priciest street in Seattle, can expect to pay roughly $6 million.

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Washington, DC

Over on the east coast, it’s more affordable to buy a home on one of D.C.’s most expensive streets. While home value averages in Los Angeles and San Francisco peaked in the $8 million range, at around $5 million, home values in D.C. are much more reasonable.


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