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Stranger Homes: Will and Joyce Byers

Strange things have been happening in Hawkins, Indiana, but even stranger things are going to happen when season three is released on July 4th. Will spent most of season two battling his inner demons, literally, while Joyce tried, once again, to fight off the Mind Flayer’s hold over her youngest son. After all that has happened to the Byers’ household, including Eleven’s battle sequence where she tossed a demodog through Joyce’s window, we’re thinking it’s time to pack up and move out of that home.

The Hawkins Home Style

Joyce grew up in the fictional town of Hawkins and if she were to start house hunting, it wouldn’t be outside of where she spent her childhood. She’d want to find a home similar to the one she lived in during Will’s disappearance and Mind Slayer possession, so a ranch is where her sights are set. With an open floor plan, Joyce can always be prepared for any Upside Down portal disasters that may follow her during the move.


Will and Joyce Byers Must-Haves and Nice-to-Haves

Must-Haves and Nice-to-Haves

It’s our guess that in the future, Will will likely be attending a community college in Roane county studying visual arts to hone his drawing skills. Naturally, his first nice-to-have would be a bonus room with a drafting table and easel for those creative, demogorgon-free moments. A must-have for Will would be an outdoor shed-turned-man cave where he can reminisce on his time spent in the blanket fort dubbed Castle Byers. Joyce would be more worried about surrounding neighborhoods, and parallel universes, so a state-of-the-art security system protecting her home would be a nice-to-have. But, without a doubt, Joyce’s top must-have would be an upgraded electrical panel box reducing any power-outage risk during a demogorgon emergency.


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