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Updated Flooring for Under $200

Recently, I decided I wanted to update the flooring in my home office. I had a specific style in mind but when I got the quote, my jaw dropped. While not the prettiest, the tiles themselves were in great condition. Even though the grout needed a good cleaning, I decided to do something that I’ve been wanting to try for a while; paint and stencil the flooring. 

With my office being a high traffic area with rolling chairs, frequently moved furniture, and three dogs, I knew that the paint needed to be durable. After some research, I decided on Valspar Porch and Floor paint, the best part being that the paint can be tinted to whatever colors you want. For my base color I chose “White Dove” and for the stencil color “Owl Gray” both by Benjamin Moore. 

Painting tip: If you have a brand of paint that you love, most paint centers can mix the color from another paint company.

The first thing I needed to do was to vacuum and mop the floors. Next, to ensure that the paint would adhere to the surface, I used a bonding primer. Preparation is very important and the bonding primer not only seals the surface but helps the paint stay put. I did one heavy coat of the bonding primer which according to the directions, only needed 2 hours of dry time before applying the first base coat. 

For the bonding primer and base coats, I used a brush to get around the edges and grout, I then followed up with a roller attached to a painting pole. After allowing the first base coat to dry overnight, I applied the second coat the following morning. I let the second base coat dry for the appropriate dry time so I could start stenciling later that day.

Floor Painting Tip: Think about where you’ll begin painting and where you’ll end so you don’t paint yourself into a corner.

I chose the Augusta stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. My tiles weren’t the standard size listed on their site, so I reached out to their customer service who helped me order the size that I needed, 13″ x 13″. Using painters tape, I laid the first stencil down in an area I knew would be covered by furniture, should I mess up. I used a small foam roller to roll the paint making sure to firmly roll, but not push the paint. Immediately after I covered the entire surface, I lifted the stencil up and wiped the back. 

I staggered the next stencil so the painter’s tape wouldn’t ruin the work I just did. I then went back and filled in the spaces as I moved around the room continuing until I covered all of the full-sized tiles. I allowed that to dry overnight so I could address the partial tiles the next day. Cutting Edge Stencil recommends purchasing two stencils so if you get to a point where you have partial tiles, you can cut your second stencil to fit the tile accordingly. For this space, there were a couple different sizes and due to my own oversight, I didn’t purchase a second stencil. Thankfully the stencil was flexible enough to allow me to stencil the partial tiles with ease. 

The stencil was flexible to allow me to stencil the partial tiles.

Once the stencil was finished, I followed up with a couple coats of Minwax Polycrylic in satin using my paint brush. Polycrylic is essential to add an additional layer of protection to the floor. After allowing to dry overnight, it was time to bring in the furniture. 

Taking a look at the final product.

The total cost of the project was $119.27 for the paint, the stencil, and the Polycrylic. You can use this technique on linoleum and wood flooring as well! Replacing the flooring would have cost thousands of dollars, as well as added more construction debris to the landfills. I saved my pocketbook and the environment! Painting is and always will be one of my favorite DIY projects. 

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