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Lindsay Aratari Shares Lessons Learned When Selling A Home

If you haven’t had the chance yet, be sure to read part one of my home selling experience. As my family and I are still patiently waiting for our home to sell, I wanted to take the opportunity to share the lessons we’ve learned throughout the selling process.

My name is Lindsay Aratari from the blog Aratari At Home!  My family and I have been going through the process of selling our current home, and I am so excited to be sharing updates with you along the way.

If you haven’t had the chance yet, be sure to read part one of my family’s home selling experience. In that article, I talk about my journey through the listing process from listing our home to dealing with feedback from potential buyers. After two open houses, we still had not received any offers. It was at that point that my husband, our agent, and myself decided to restrategize and adjust our approach. Follow along as I talk about the offer we received, the lessons we learned, and the homes we currently have our eye on.

Our Offer

A couple weeks ago, we had a showing on a Friday night and with how our showings have gone, we assumed that we wouldn’t get an offer.  Our agent was texting us the entire time telling us how the potential buyers loved the house. Their agent kept calling ours with questions which is a good sign that an offer may be made. Later that night, our agent contacted us to say we had an ALL CASH OFFER and would close in thirty days! Needless to say, we were thrilled!  

The next day was a complete whirlwind. Our agent kept us up-to-date with the contract timeline, and we began telling family and friends as we started mentally preparing for our big move. We even celebrated by looking at new homes to buy!  

This excitement, however, was short-lived. Unfortunately, our agent called us that evening to say the offer would not go through. The buyers had realized that, financially, a purchase like this would not be in their best interest so they had to back out. We were so upset because we had already been preparing ourselves for the next chapter of our lives.

New Strategy 

With the offer falling through, it was back to the drawing board to see what we could do to get this house to sell. After chatting with our agent, we decided to leave the house at the same price for another week or so. If we didn’t see any action, we would plan to drop it one last time (we had already dropped the price twice).

When our week ended, we made the decision to do a final price drop. This was the price that we had received the offer at so we all thought it was fair and reasonable. Our plan is to leave the house at this price until it sells and continue to do open houses with our Realtor this month to help spark some more interest at this lower price point.

Lessons Learned

Overall, this process has been a lot harder than we originally thought. We knew going into the process there would be negotiations and stressful moments, but didn’t think it would take this long to actually sell our home. The house has been on the market for almost three months, and while we don’t want to just give it away, we’re ready to be close to family and start the next part of our journey. This is hard because as the current owners, we have memories tied to the home as well as money we’ve sunk into upgrades. We have learned that patience is a HUGE part of the home selling process and we will keep that in mind as we search for the right buyers. The right buyer will fall in love with our house like we did when we first bought it and we’re confident they’re out there. 

Currently, we’re trying to stay positive and luckily we don’t have any deadlines to move. That said, we are expecting our second baby at the end of August and had originally planned to be moved by the time she was born. Now, we will have our baby here and move after her birth.  It may not be the worst thing as I don’t have to find a new doctor or deliver in a different hospital. 

New Homes We Love

To say we are excited to look for new houses is an understatement; we love browsing and seeing what’s out there! makes it so fun and easy to explore not only your dream homes but to find your forever home! For the next house we purchase, we want something we can fix up over time as we plan to stay there for a very long time. We would like to buy something on the less expensive end and add our own touches to it over time.

Here are a few of our favorites on the market right now:

89 Harvest Rd Fairport, NY
205 Curtice Park Webster, NY
763 Somerset Dr Webster, NY
190 Champion Ave Webster, NY

These are just a few houses currently available that we see ourselves potentially living in. I am sure there will be others as we sell our house and begin the buying process. These are just some ideas as to what we like!

This is just a glimpse into our reality of selling our home. We are grateful to have a house that we love and can bring our babies home to every night, we know it will sell eventually and will be ready when it does. With that said, if you find yourself struggling to sell YOUR home, check out for a comprehensive how-to section on selling your home, or figure out why your home isn’t selling and make changes as needed! 

Good luck!

Lindsay Aratari
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My name is Lindsay Aratari and I blog over at Aratari At Home! I live in Buffalo, NY with my husband, John Paul, our son, Dominic, & puppy, Freddy.  We live in a house built in 1900 & have slowly transformed it into our dream home. Other than being a mom; fashion, antiques, & a good DIY project are some of my favorite things.

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