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Stranger Homes: House Hunting to Avoid the Upside Down

When it comes to buying a home, you should consider any deal breakers that may affect your buying decision. Your nonnegotiables may be local school districts, proximity to desirable attractions, home layout or style and, for fans of the Netflix original series “Stranger Things,” portals to the Upside Down. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current home or find one without a connection to the shadowy world—read on for the top three things to keep on your radar when avoiding an alternate dimension during your next home purchase. 

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is a definite must-have for those looking to avoid portals to the Upside Down. Fewer walls means limited opportunities to discover a new dimension between rooms because nobody has time to tear apart their walls every time a child goes missing. Avoid the trouble and find a home that boasts tons of open space. Plus, another pro of an open floor plan is that it allows plenty of room to entertain, a must-have when your friends and neighbors come over to play a quick tournament of Dungeons & Dragons.


State-of-the-art Plumbing

A totally overlooked necessity is tip-top plumbing throughout the home. Adolescent demodogs don’t break down well in a pipe (or at all for that matter). Do you really want to have a pipe burst because of a rapidly growing supernatural being? Definitely not. You just shelled out a ton of cash on your dream home, don’t add to your stress, get any potential home checked out by a home inspector. 

Solid Foundation

A solid foundation is always important, but especially so in Hawkins, Indiana. If you want to avoid demo dog encounters, have your future home inspected for any foundation issues. While the demogorgons are busy digging and building tunnel systems underground, you’ll be safe and sound in your sturdy home bingeing on the latest Netflix release. Arm yourself with tips and tricks for inspecting a home’s foundation.



After you’ve checked these three things off your list, jump into your nice-to-have items that will add even more protection to your home. A home with plenty of light fixtures is a necessity in case of any Upside Down abduction emergencies, but just know a home with those extra fixtures can rack up your utility bill. Consider installing solar panels on the roof to keep costs low and the energy supply efficient. In addition to plenty of light, window shutters would be high on the list of nice-to-haves. As we’ve seen before, demogorgons don’t think, they just attack, so, anything to keep you out of sight is in your best interest.


While searching for your next home, prioritize your must-haves and nice-to-haves with Match so that you never miss the opportunity to find your dream home. Don’t forget to tune into season three of Netflix Original Series “Stranger Things” which is available to stream on Netflix and find out if the Upside Down is going to cause more trouble for the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana.

Trying to get your Netflix and chill on for season three of Stranger Things? is hosting a HUGE contest to get your home ready for all of your binge-watching needs. Read below to see how you could win one of our three prizes!

Prizes Include:

First Place

A “Netflix and Chill” prize package valued up to $550. Get an accent chair, an end table, a 40″ TV, and a FREE year of Netflix!

Second Place

FREE year of Netflix!

Third Place

A Stranger Things limited edition Polaroid camera with 3 film packs!

How to Enter:

You MUST comment on this blog post to be considered. Tell us your strange must-have! The more entries you have, the better chance you have at winning. The first place prize goes to the person with the most entries, but second and third place will be random drawings! The contest ends Thursday at 12:00pm EST, want to win? Read below to see how you can get the most entries.



  1. Tag your friends on our giveaway post; get an additional entry for every friend you tag.
  2. Like us and we’ll DOUBLE your entries.


  1. Tag your friends on our giveaway post; get an additional entry for every friend you tag.
  2. Follow us and we’ll DOUBLE your entries.



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961 Replies to Stranger Homes: House Hunting to Avoid the Upside Down

  1. One of my must haves is definitely a big yard! With three kids and three dogs we need tons of space to play!

  2. My strange must have now that the kids are adults is my own dressing room! I converted my sons room into a dressing room. With a vanity, a full length stand up mirror- this room houses my clothes, purses and shoes. Everything a girl needs to get ready!

  3. A strange must have is a noisy room. You can select the room right next to the AC room to make even more noisy. Things you can add in this room are air filter, air humidifier etc… I strangely find background noise therapeutic sometimes.

  4. A must have is a noisy room. You can select the room right next to the AC room to make even more noisy. Things you can add in this room are air filter, air humidifier etc… I strangely find background noise therapeutic sometimes.

  5. My strange must have is not having any trees near the house. I already have had close calls with trees around my house falling. One just fell on the back of my neighbors house this weekend.

  6. My strange must have is a window in the master bedroom bathroom 🙂 It can’t feel like a tomb! Weirds me out.

  7. My must have is a huge tub! Never know when you might need to soak away all the stranger things!

  8. One of our strange must haves is no window feature in the front door. Freaks us both out, someone peering in!

  9. One of my must haves is a south facing driveway. Love how the sun melts the snow off our driveway. Definitely saves our backs during the winter months!

  10. Definitely open floor plan. And big yard. We have 3 kids and need all the open space. Definitely don’t need any portals and cant afford to be tearing down walls.

  11. Ours is what we call the “make it or break it” bathroom. We have to have a bathroom close to the entry in case we have to fly into the house to use it. No one wants to fall up or down stairs to make that happen.

  12. Our must-have is a playroom! Less Legos and doll shoes to step on when they’re contained to one room!

  13. My strange must have is an outdoor pizza oven. It gets so hot here in TX I never want to use the regular oven in the summer!

  14. Strange Must have is in hope when we get our own house next year, is (huge) open concept of living room/kitchen dining area.

  15. Our must – have is a nice patio! Two decks is a little much & I’ve always dreamed of having a nice patio with a hot tub!

  16. Our strange must-have is a patio! We have two decks & I have always dreamed of having a nice patio with a hot tub!

  17. Strange must have… strong water pressure. It seems silly but I have a ton of hair that requires tons of pressure.

  18. Strange must have… tons of storage. Everywhere. Kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms.

  19. I’d like something like a 2 floor with a modern/contemporary look marble flooring, a nice red door like that was portrayed in the scene where L goes into her psychic meditation phase, walk in closet, a music studio , a built in fix tank in the wall, a automated shower with multiple shower head on the walls as well as a rain fall one. My living room would have a nice view over a town or Bay Area. Nice leather sectional couch with a high backing. And the best feature or add on would be:Solar power.

  20. My must have is my bedroom or playroom with the Christmas lights Winona Ryder put on the walls to talk to will in season 1. I like the whole lights in room thing and I tried putting Christmas lights up but they were to bright so those are a must have….

  21. My absolute must have are the Christmas lights that Winona Ryder put up to talk to will in season 1 in my bedroom.. I would love those in my bedroom. I tried installing Christmas lights but they were to bright. I would love it.

  22. I neeeeeed more stranger things room decor. I am in love with the Christmas light tapestry, I reallllllly want the new stranger things Polaroid camera and special paper for it like so so bad! I want all the season 3 POP vinyl and I realllllly wanna meet the cast. I just love the show. My bday is coming up August 16th so this would be cool to win! Thanks:-)

  23. A must have is a big living room! As the kids grow older, our house seems to be the neighborhood hang out…which I love, but the extra space is definitely a necessity as all the kids pile in for tv, gaming, and hanging out.

  24. A strange must-have is a very large yard so others can watch us.. Stalk us.. And us..being able to do the same back..

  25. Considering I’m only 18 a must have of mine would be to have a balcony so I can look out into the distance to beautiful skies and no demogorgon in sight 😂.

  26. One of our strange must haves is a chalkboard wall!!!! Great for notes in the kitchen and children to draw on.

  27. My Strange must have would be to make sure the house has plenty of outlets! Coming from currently living in a house with few outlets in the rooms where the light is most necessary (basement, attic) for seeing what lurks in the dark is unsettling.. my room is the attic so lights are imperative! And also with it being summer it gets super hot up there, so if by chance I do get controlled by the mind flayer… that outlet will be needed for the window unit… he likes it cold. 😏

  28. My Strange must have would also be to make sure with inspection that the house is cleared. Crack, pipe lines, grates.. those blob like demogogon seem to be able to fit through many small places! We have to make sure the house is safe and properly!

  29. My strange must have is a vent in the master bedroom. There currently is not one and it will be a future deal breaker. Plus, I need to explore those vents and look for any Russian lares trying to open a portal!

  30. One of our strange must have is NO STAIRS! Having a bad knee and a daughter with special needs means being able to access all areas of the house without over exertion.

  31. Our must have is…. A movie room! We are big on watching movies/TV so would love a room for us to really relax not just sit on a couch!

  32. My strange must have in my next home? One of those hidden door bookcases that leads to a home theater!

  33. My strange must have is an entry area with a small closet where we can put shoes and coats and they are not out in the open

  34. My strange must have is a bigger living room for my friends and I to binge the next season in!

  35. My stranger things must have is absolutely my action figures I set up a little scene with lights etc.

  36. My strange must have has to be a big pantry with a good size kitchen and a decent size laundry room. My husband is in the Army so we move a lot and have lived in a different homes. It can be a hassle but it helps me find out I would like in our forever home once he gets out and these two are the biggest for me lol I can’t deal with a small pantry/kitchen. I have too much stuff

  37. My strange must have would be having all my fandoms present. I currently have stranger things bedding. If it were up to me, the outside of my house would be black, every room would have a different theme, stranger things, walking dead, marvel, DC, star wars, supernatural, slasher movies, game of thrones. I’d love unique interior, think amityville. It would also be amazing to have a hidden space that I could turn into a kid free zone.

  38. One of my must have is either an extra room or at least enough space for a crafting area.

  39. A big cons cabinet or lots of wall shelving that can hold all of my fandom nick nacks

  40. One of my strange things is no peephole on my front door. I have seen to many scary movies where someone is looking back at you, when peering through it.

  41. Strange must have…. Good Christmas lights, you never know when you might have a party or talk to another world.

  42. My strange must-have is a family room with high ceilings that is spacious enough for my huge, leather wrap around couch where the whole family can stretch out to binge watch our favorite shows! Tagging my friends on FB (as Gina Germane Gallagher) and IG (as germgina).

  43. One of my strange must have is a heavy comforter.. During ALL seasons 🔥😓🙃

  44. One of my strange must have is small storage boxes shaped like treasure chests ☠

  45. An important strange must have for me is a laundry room big enough to double at a “cat room” for our kitties!

  46. A strange must have for me is horizontally set windows rather than vertically set.

  47. My strange must have is a large kitchen with lots of counter space and cabinets.

  48. A ceiling light in all the rooms! I don’t know why builders leave lights out of living rooms and bedrooms.

  49. My strange must have is my pillow. I take it anytime I will be away for the night. I can not sleep on any other pillow!

  50. Strange must have….carpet in living room and all bedrooms. Hard wood in kitchen, dining and bathrooms

  51. my strange must have is just a home to fit my whole family and to have enough for all of us !

  52. Strange must have… hubby says SURROUND SOUND for watching Stranger Things (that he watches at MAX VOLUME)

  53. My strange must have is a master bath with separate toilet. My husband and I can do a lot of things together, but you have to draw the line somewhere!

  54. My strange must have is an extra bedroom for all of the kids things. I like their rooms to be free from clutter

  55. My strange must have is a retro 1980’s mancave complete with cabinet tv, vcr, Nintendo and recliner

  56. My strange must have is secret rooms I can spy on through the walls. Also I must have four bathrooms throughout the house. Two story house with five bedrooms. Two car garage. My strange must have is a bed as big as Shaq o Neal’s in the master bedroom.

  57. A strange must have is an Olympic size pool in the back with a child proof fence around so the little ones can not enter without adult supervision. Also a strange must have is a 80 inch tv inside the house and outside the house, by the pool area with a bbq grill and mini fridge with sink set up like an outdoor kitchen.

  58. I need to have an entire dressing room. Walls built for placing purses and shoes, vanity. I need it. Along with that room being a safe room

  59. Strange must have is having a door to the backyard through my bedroom for a fast get away …. hey, I live in California where there are earthquakes !!

  60. My must have is a pool! It doesn’t matter if it’s in above ground or in ground!

  61. I’ve been trying to find a house for a long time now but my strange must have would be a book nook or a window seat with a fireplace. I love a house that has some character! 😊

  62. My strange must have is a completely silent and dark room to sleep. If boyfriend loves the tv on and I’m not a fan so he has to go elsewhere to watch tv😂

  63. My strange must have is no garden or flower-like spaces. I don’t have a green thumb and it’s a very crappy chore to weed something I dislike anyway

  64. Another strange must have … A special window and display just for my plants ❤️

  65. Another strange must have… A special display/set up for my turntable, sound bar and vinyl collection.

  66. My strange must have is gum. I can’t SURVIVE with out gum I just love it so much fun to eat and it makes me not get distracted as much as I do. Lol

  67. Stranger Things must have: The Golden Hopper Funko POP 😍 I have most all the Pops from the show but will most likely never get my hands on the Golden Hopper or soon to be released Golden Demogorgon.

  68. My strange must have is no open floor plan. I feel overwhelmed with my anxiety. I like closed off areas and walls!!

  69. My strange must have is a spiritual room where I can have my alone time to pray, offer my obeisances and read.

  70. 80’s card and board games…because they don’t make them like they used to anymore

  71. A actual home telephone…because it is fun the hang up on people when they piss you off

  72. Garage with a pit…it is always nice to be able to work on your own car in your own space

  73. Strange must have… smart home features. (Video door bell, nanny cams, smart thermostat, locks and lights)

  74. A fenced in backyard. I like having a way to keep unwanted people out…or at least slow them down from entering

  75. My strange must-have would be wall to ceiling windows in my living room facing a gorgeous backyard with lots of trees and flowers!

  76. One of my strange must-haves would be wall to ceiling windows in my living room facing a beautiful backyard with lots of trees and beautiful flowers!

  77. I know I have many Strange Must Haves (I mean who doesn’t right 😂) but my favorite of all is definitely spending as much quality time together with my sweet hubby binge watching Stranger Things in our favorite chairs with all the lights out when our 4 boys are asleep. Another is definitely sleeping with at least a sheet over me. It could be 100 degrees but I can’t have my feet hanging over the edge of the bed uncovered. Lol 😂
    Thank y’all so much for this incredibly generous chance. Wishing everyone the best of luck! Happily following on IG ( & Facebook (Holly Hicks-Guski)

  78. My stranger thing must have isssss…..gotta be my tortilla blanket. Its soft and cozy and I’m the meat and the cheese of a delicious quesadilla. Thank you.

  79. My strange must have is I have to sleep with a stuffed animal every night. It makes me feel safe.

  80. My strange must have is a bay window in the living room facing the street, because during Christmas time I want to be able to display my Christmas tree for all to see! 🙂

  81. My must have is a home theater in my room! It would complete the whole neon scenery of my bedroom and possibly moving it to a different room. 🙂

  82. A “woman cave” in my master bathroom which consist of a walk in closet, vanity, chaise, sink, shower and toilet. Now I just need a tv and small refrigerator. I will literally never have to leave that room! 😆

  83. My Strange living room will have a coffee table / refrigerator with a wireless charger but has a 80s look to it

  84. I must have a ceiling window view that covers the entire living room with a shaded feature to it

  85. My Strange Must have is no neighbors behind me. I must have trees and not have to look into someone else’s house.

  86. My strange must have for my house would be peacocks, ducks and chicken with a fountain pond. I just think itd be nice to sit and watch the birds!

  87. My stranger things is I need a pantry that locks! I have two little demodogs (aka my boys) that are snack pirates and they always eat all the Doritos!

  88. My strange must have is a backyard that backs to the greenbelt. I enjoy the watching the wildlife back there. Recently though, I saw some rats acting strange…

  89. My strange must have is black out window curtains! I hate the light coming in when I sleep, and when I first wake up! I want my home to be dark as can be!

  90. My strange must have is an attic access that I can get into from my bedroom walk in closet with a little floored area to put Christmas gifts. Anywhere else they get found.

  91. My strange must have is a fan every night in my room which is covered in stranger things memorabilia!

  92. Liked and shared again on Facebook username gabby anderson and Instagram username gabbysunflower

  93. My Instagram is @iloverobinuwu
    My strange must have is a finished basement, I hate going downstairs to a creepy dungeon like area.

  94. My strange must have in a house is some sort of exposed wood, brick, or stone on the inside. Wood floors, wooden slat wall panels. Brick or stone fireplace/mantle. Okay actually just drop me off at a cabin out in the woods.

  95. Such a wonderful giveaway. Follow you on Instagram as Andygal78 and Facebook as Joycemcdaniel88. Liked both pages and tagged friends

  96. Strange must have for me…large pantry! I know there’s so much that’s more important but this is necessary!

  97. My strange must have is lots of storage space as well as a little secret door in the house leading to a secret hangout. I used to have one when I was a kid and I always felt like it could be a safe place if anything ever happened. Lol

  98. My strange thing I need is more than one bathroom and a fan in my bedroom. Always.

  99. My strange must-have is a spare room dedicated to listening to music and storing very high shelves of vinyl records

  100. Strange must have… walk in pantry. We have 7 kids which mounts up to a lot of groceries.

  101. My strange must have is large window sills to hold and display all my stones and crystals!

  102. My strange must have(s) would be blackout window blinds and a hkme theater system. Both would give an amazing “upside down” vibe.

    Thanks for the chance to win. I appreciate it.

  103. Strange must have… intercom system. Yelling for kids that never listen is a waste of breath.

  104. Strange must have… dark ceilings. They looks beautiful especially with multiple can lights.

  105. Strange must have… outdoor party lights. Perfect for backyard barbecues into the evening.

  106. Strange must have… light/white counter tops. Multi colored granite is impossible to see messes on.

  107. ✨My strange must have in my home would be flushing toilets!

    The nightmare of a rental I currently live in has plumbing issues where I’m plunging toilets several times a week. When I purchase my forever home it will have toilets that flush with no issues!✨

  108. One of my must haves is a large kitchen! My family loves to cook with each other so we need to have a big enough space!

  109. My strange must have is a home theatre so I can watch all my favorite shows like Stranger Things on a big screen.

  110. My strange must-have is a backpack because I fill it and carry everywhere even stranger things

  111. My strange thing is keeping doors closed. 34 years old and I still can’t sleep with the closet door open!

  112. My strange must have is an outdoor shower or preferrably and out door bathtub. Some people call it a swimming pool! lol It gets hot here in Florida and I get tired of staying in the house in the summer.

  113. Hot tub in bathroom with super massage jets and on screen selection for different modes and therapeutic varieties

  114. My strange must have is an extra room for my cats! They need privacy when they use their boxes and they love having their tall condo next to the window!

  115. After those top three because those are a must have first. I must have a garden and a privacy fence able to defend against anything and everything.

  116. My strange must have is my nightmare before Christmas tree that I keep up 24/7. Also my Ouija board wall mount is up year round😂

  117. My must have in a home is a mud room! I need a place to store all my winter coats, dog leashes, and whatever else can’t fit into the rest of the house. It’s also nice to have a place to take off dirty shoes.

  118. My Strange thing from Stranger Things would be a Scoops Ahoy shirt or Dustin’s outfits. I obviously need to rock knee socks, shorts, a hat, and a microphone walkie talkie at all times 😂 My strange thing for a home would be solar panels. I would love to have a self-sufficient energy source.

  119. Maybe it’s not stranger maybe it is, but I have to have noise of any kind (Traffic/Fan/Rain) When I sleep and I have to touch my wife’s leg, or the dog, Hate being alone.

  120. Roof access with a spot to hang out and enjoy the view (We live near Disney so fireworks nightly)

  121. My strange must have is daylight light bulbs. Once you use them you will never go back to the regular kind

  122. I think it is super important for me to have lots of window light. Large windows are ideal!

  123. My strange musthave is a keychain. Ive had it as long as i can remember and obe of the only things i have left from my past.

  124. My weird must have would have to be a rainfall shower head. There is just something so peaceful and calm about it! Ahh 🙂

  125. I must have a triple load washing machine and dryer and a dishwasher…everything else is just a bonus.

  126. My must have is unique design with ample space, can’t deal with plain cookie cutter layouts. I must have a creative outline to make a masterpiece of a home. Honestly the 1st place prize would be cool, but would really love the stranger things Polaroid camera. Been eyeing that up(side down.) Been steadily adding to my lovely apartment, but awaiting my girlfriend to get her realty license so we can get our first house. Any tips or ideas would be welcome.

  127. my strange must have is my giant collection of rainbow brite. I have the dolls, clothes, vhs tapes, records, pretty much anything with her on it.

  128. having kids I’ve learned getting sick can happen at anytime without warning.

    so a trashcan with multiple bags in it in every room. easy clean up with no running to a trashcan or toilet

  129. everyone keeps saying a walk in closet. well that’s not strange but as a seamstress I would like my own fabric closet 😮

  130. can I please have a robot that picks up after my kids and does all the chores around the house

  131. My strange must have is my bed has to be facing the door. I don’t like being scared or surprised. I have to be able to see everything.

  132. 2 living rooms and a breakfast nook. 2nd living room is for when the kids want to get wild while the adults watch Netflix. Also a lot of high windows upstairs. I need all that bright natural light in the day time.

  133. I need things hung up on the walls. Not necessarily pictures, just weird stuff I acquire taped up everywhere. I love a “loud” room.

  134. My strange must have is a house period! When that does come around, I’d love to have solar panels to save on energy!

  135. My strange must have is a ghost. I rented a house with some friends which was definitely haunted and ever since I want a ghost. Unfortunately the house we bought does not have one.

  136. Must have a spacious mostly private fenced backyard, Clean/ finished basement, kitchen for cooking holiday dinners and entertainment. Lots of cabinets/shelving for storage, good paint and no cracks on walls or ceilings (y’know, to prevent the upside down form getting in)

  137. My “Strange” necessity , a 50 gal drum to collect rain run off for my garden! . Who know what lurking in the water pipes.

  138. My strange must haves are most definitely a comfortable place to snuggle and have our favorite family snacks with my children when we tune in to watch stranger things.

  139. Sturdy yet lightweight furniture as I like to rearrange furniture often and super heavy is no fun to move

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