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Stranger Homes: Eleven and Mike Wheeler

As the third season of Stranger Things quickly approaches, we’re getting ready to take a trip back to 1984 with the kids of Hawkins, Indiana. While we’re totally spazzing about having work off on July 4th to binge-watch the new episodes, we couldn’t help but do one more round of our Stranger Homes series before the season airs. 

Mike Wheeler and Eleven are the focus this time around and after breaking down the series episode-by-episode, we discovered what their must-haves and nice-to-haves would be when moving out of the demogorgon-ridden town of Hawkins.

From the Snow Ball to Seattle

It’s no surprise that this duo would want to leave Hawkins. After Eleven escaped their National Laboratory, it became very apparent she wouldn’t want to go back, and Mike is right there with her. The Snow Ball at Hawkins middle school left us with warm fuzzies as our favorite demogorgon-fighting girl and Dungeon Master boy shared their first kiss, but where would they be once they’re all grown up in 1990? The pair would be relocating to Seattle, Washington. With plenty of greenery and looming clouds bringing bouts of rain, it’s spooky enough for Eleven and Mike to feel right at home. Living in a craftsman-style home with a view of Mt. Rainier, nothing will seem out of the ordinary, not even Eleven’s telekinetic abilities.

Must-Haves and Nice-to-Haves

Since they’ll be living in a state that is known for their lush floral and fauna, Eleven would have no problem finding a home with a big backyard. Plenty of open outdoor space will be the perfect practicing ground for her to practice her powers. While the backyard is at the top of her list as a must-have, Eleven wouldn’t mind if her future home had a gourmet kitchen. Specifically, an industrial-sized refrigerator and freezer for her Kellogg’s Eggo needs. However, Mike’s must-have is to find a home where all of the surrounding cities have great cell phone service. After all, he did spend 352 days calling her on a walkie-talkie while she was in Chicago. His nice-to-have is his own personal luxury item. Built-in shelving for his Star Wars antique toy collection. Hopefully there weren’t anymore fights between Mike, Nancy, and their mom leaving him to donate his old Star Wars action figures, and if not, built-in shelving would be the way to go for Mike Wheeler.


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