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Reuse or Recycle: Updating Your Furniture on a Budget

As with anything, styles and tastes change, which may not go with your current furniture. Buying all brand new may seem a little wasteful, especially if the pieces are still in great condition, but don’t worry, there are still plenty of options. 

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Buying furniture brand new can be quite an investment. You want something that not only goes with your style but is also of long-lasting quality. As with anything, styles and tastes change, which may not go with your current furniture. As a society, we have become quite disposable when it comes to things we own. A quick drive around your city close to trash day may reveal lots of perfectly good furniture waiting to head to the dump.

Often we may just get into a decorating rut. Before I dismiss any piece of furniture, I try it in a new space. The sofa table may make a great entry table, or the extra dresser a nice dining room sideboard. Don’t look at pieces for what they were originally intended, instead think of all the possibilities it may have. 

This may be my all-time favorite thing to do. A little bit of paint or stain, a little bit of elbow grease, and you can completely transform a piece of furniture and give it a completely new look. The best part, if you don’t like it, you can always repaint it. 

Here’s an example of an amazing roadside find we rescued before trash day. The piece was originally from Pier One Imports. I gave the entire dresser a light sanding to prep it for its new finish, then because of the rattan detail, used a paint sprayer to give it a fresh new coastal look. Once we were done, it looked completely brand new and fit right into our home as a beautiful new addition.

This end table is a piece that I inherited from my grandmother which was made with beautiful dark brown, natural wood. Although I loved the piece, I wanted it to go along with our current home’s style. I stripped off the factory finish and used a crackle paint finish and a new color to brighten up the piece. 

This side table is a piece I ended up finding on Facebook Marketplace, which I highly recommend if you enjoy buying cheaper furniture to spruce up and add your own personal touches. Since this was a smaller project than some of my others, I simply used a furniture refinishing kit to give it an updated look and replaced the drawer’s hardware to make it classier. Now, it’s a beautiful black accent to my bright home!

Last but not least is another piece I bought off of the Facebook Marketplace. I, again, stripped off the factory finish and applied different colors of wood stain to give a weathered wood look. I made sure to add a coat of polycrylic for additional protection from regular wear and tear. While each piece could have easily been tossed aside, I was able to give them a completely new updated look that better matched our decor style with very little invested. 

Whether you’re moving a piece to another room, donating to a good cause, adding a fresh coat of paint or even swapping out the hardware, keep an open mind when it comes to your furniture. Do you really need something new or can you give what you already have a new look? Look for inspiration, keep an open mind, but most of all just have fun with what you have. 

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