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Inspiring Photos That Will Make You Want To Buy A Fixer-Upper

We get it, HGTV has got us all thinking maybe the idea of a fixer-upper might just be something we want to do. If you can handle living through a renovation we are here to show you just what you can do with a fixer-upper of your own.

We get it, HGTV has got us all thinking maybe the idea of a fixer-upper might just be something we want to do. If you can handle living through a renovation we are here to show you just what you can do with a fixer-upper of your own. These before and afters might just have you thinking you too should jump on this trend, and build some immediate equity into your new home. Let’s start out simple and move into the slightly more complicated renovations…

Modern Farmhouse Powder Room

Purple people eaters might have lived here before we got started! This space was a slight color shock but nothing that some paint and statement wallpaper cannot fix. We also changed the floor stain throughout the space, swapped the vanity, and installed new lighting and all the fixtures to have another complete transformation.

Modern Neutral Master Bedroom Retreat

The before photo on this one has you feeling like your walking into an early 90s dream bedroom with the custom wallpaper and dark burgundy walls low ceiling fan. For this fixer-upper, we started by swapping out the dated and dirty carpet with new hardwoods. We then removed the wallpaper, primed the walls for paint, and added a neutral color palette with whites, grays, and tans. Instead of a wallpaper accent wall, we added a custom textured wall and installed built-ins and artwork from travel to add a more personal touch. To elongate the room we ran a faux wood beam and brought in a modern ceiling fan to continue to have air circulation without distracting from the overall ascetics of the space.

Modern Farmhouse Entryway/Laundry Room

A green haven was presented to you as you stepped into this entryway/laundry room! We truly believe everyone needs a dumping ground in their home. A place where all of your things can live without feeling as if you made a complete mess of your home. Mudroom built-ins have quickly become one of our absolute favorite solutions to a space that is not being utilized to its fullest potential. Talk about the best way to use every single inch of your space. Many homes have rooms with dual purposes and this one isn’t short on that! The laundry room directly across needed a facelift with storage options and functionality! Adding uppers, creating a custom folding table, and building two side cabinets for storage and sorting completed this space.

Modern Boho Basement Bathroom

This fixer-upper took some dreaming to get to! Can you see it with the before photo? We mapped out the space with tape to help you see what we see. All new everything. For this space, we created a bathroom where one never existed, leaving a ton of space for relaxation and play for both kids and adults. Knowing we were working in a basement lead us to a light and airy palette.


Attic to Master Suite Retreat

Taking an attic space from a bedroom to a master suite involved many rounds of edits to land on the best space planning option without actually tearing the roof off! In this attic, we ripped down all of the walls, then added one new one to create a much-needed master bathroom space. We then extended the floor a foot and a half over the staircase, allowing for more space on both sides of the king bed. All new HVAC, electrical, plumbing, drywall, flooring, paint, railing, and a massive custom built-in wardrobe brought this space from drab to fab!

Open Floor Plan Modern Farmhouse

Let’s walk into your typical 1980s kitchen complete with more golden oak that you know what to do with! We are thinking of an open-concept floorplan with this one. To make these dreams a reality we needed structural support, rounds of design edits and six weeks of in-progress hard work and dedication from our team! But this space couldn’t look more opposite of the one we started with…now we just need to recreate it in our home!

Important things to note about each of the above renovations. We are a design-to-build team which means we come into people’s homes and help to make their dreams a reality! Months and months of planning were involved before we ever started demo on each and every one of these projects. Prior to any renovation begins we have all material, product and design elements sourced, purchased and ready on site. All the little details matter to keep a project moving in a timely fashion! It’s what we do for a living!

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