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Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ Holiday Makeover: Thrift Diving Edition

Serena Appiah of the blog Thrift Diving is taking us on her journey of creating a completely “flipped” Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™. With the objective of adding in some holiday cheer, it’s amazing what a little flannel can do to pull everything together!

There’s always a good reason for crafting. When you’re crafting for charity, though, there is no better reason! Last spring, I participated in the “Crafting for Charity” Little Tikes playhouse makeover challenge where myself and two other bloggers battled head-to head for the $750 prize to donate to our favorite charity. With the help of a couple containers of river rocks, some construction adhesive, and several thousand voters, my cobblestone playhouse soared into first place! I was so excited to get to donate the $750 prize to Helping Hands, a homeless shelter for families here in Maryland!

This time it’s “Crafting for Charity 2.0: Holiday Style.” This round, another three bloggers, including myself, reached down into the depths of their creativity to decorate another Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™, only this time, it’s holiday-themed! I struggled a little bit with finding which direction I wanted to go, but something about warm and cozy flannel kept calling me!


Little Tikes playhouses are blank canvases for parents to transform into any magical playhouse! That’s what so fun about these makeovers because you can do nearly anything to them, including adding fabric, lights, or even stones for a fun cobblestone playhouse! This time around, with the holidays, I wanted something that would make you feel warm and cozy when you looked at it or played in it.

little tikes cape cottage playhouse


Nothing says “warm and cozy” like red and black flannel! Lined with flannel, black, white, and gray accents (and a cute gold glitter tree ornament glued to the front), this playhouse makes me wish my kids were small enough to enjoy it! Doesn’t it look fabulous?! I love, love, love how it turned out!

little tikes cape cottage playhouse decorated with flannel fabric, a wreath, and black roof

To create this look, it was critical to make a pattern of the front using thick paper. I traced out the shape that would accept the fabric and carefully cut it out. 

I left a ½” seam allowance on the paper in case I needed to trim things down to make adjustments. I only had a bit of the cozy flannel so I knew there was no room for errors!

Next, I needed to decide what color to paint the exposed portions of the playhouse. I didn’t want to do a lot of white, but with red and black flannel, it seemed like just the right choice to highlight the flannel. So, I spray painted all of the brick areas a nice, bright white.

I will admit that I didn’t use a separate primer on the plastic because the amount of primer needed would have been a lot of added cost. However, if you’re making over a Little Tikes playhouse, be sure to add that important step to your transformation, which will help the paint stick better.

spray painting a kids cottage white

I wanted to pull in some dark gray accents to the home because the red and black flannel had some lighter areas where the red and black almost “blend” together. The gray would help accentuate that part of the fabric.

spray painting little tikes cottage grey

 The shutters were originally brown out of the box. I mistakenly thought I wanted green, but later, I realized that red would be better. More vibrant!

For the doors, I went with black, too. I worried it would be too much black but I needed to balance out the colors I was using and black was the only thing that would have worked for the door.

spray painting doors black for kids playhouse

When using fabrics, you’ll need to buy more whenever you’re using fabric with patterns, so that you can match pattern repeats. But in my case, the craft store only had 1.5 yards of fabric, and I needed probably 2.5 yards, so I worked with what I had.

flannel fabric

Using the pattern I created with the paper, I laid it down on the flannel and began to cut it out. Once cut out, I fit the flannel onto the playhouse to make sure it fit properly, and trimmed away excess fabric for a clean fit. Then I used spray adhesive on the plastic and smoothed the fabric onto the playhouse. I even added some remote-control lights to the underside of the plastic roof with tape to give the playhouse some added holiday appeal!

One of the final touches I decided to add was spray painting the inside of the playhouse white to freshen it up. While painting the outside, some of the overspray had gotten inside and made it look a bit messy, so painting the inside helped pull everything together and made it look sharp!

little tikes playhouse christmas makeover

When the house was done, it looked amazing! I added a few other features, like the gold glitter ornament, and I also glued a little piece of rustic wood to the underside of the window to act as a ledge to hold a small battery-operated candle. All-in-all, I think the playhouse ended up feeling warm, cozy, and extra seasonal and I’m so excited to finally show you this fun project I took on with!

Now, after doing this project, I am definitely ready for the holidays! Aren’t you?!

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Serena Appiah is the owner, publisher, and carpenter-in-training behind Thrift Diving, a blog and YouTube channel that inspires home enthusiasts to decorate, improve, and maintain their home with paint, power tools, and thrift stores. As a mom of three boys, ages 12, 9, and 7, Serena has outfitted her home with many thrift store treasures--not only because it's economical and fun, but because raising three boys means things will get dirty (or broken!) Follow Serena on YouTube for DIY tips, tools, and projects.

426 Replies to Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ Holiday Makeover: Thrift Diving Edition

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    This makeover is festive, warm and inviting. It gives me the feeling of cherished family gatherings (Home)… Not gum drop fairies!! But, reading “Twas the night before Christmas”, sipping hot chocolate, roasting marshmallows – beside the fireplace & hearing the crackling sounds of the wood. Takes me back to “Home”. Excellent designing.

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