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On Being Thankful for Our Home

My husband and I are people who are constantly renovating, changing and critiquing things in our home, and it’s so nice to have a forced opportunity to slow down, take stock of our home, and recognize how truly thankful we are for it.

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At the beginning of each November, I start to feel all of the warm, fuzzy feelings that are associated with the entire holiday season. I love the anticipation of Christmas, I love planning our family’s Thanksgiving meal, and I love all of the cookies and treats that seem to be everywhere you look this time of year.

But perhaps the most important contributor to all the cozy feelings I have this time of year is my home.

I don’t know about you, but for me, there’s nothing better than coming inside after a long, cold day and lighting a fire with the family. I love to curl up for movie nights with popcorn and snacks, and I love to see my family gathered in the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning, bustling around and prepping for the big day ahead.

This year, we’re moving just a couple of weeks before the Thanksgiving holiday.

We’ve done this before–we’re getting ready to move into our third home, and this is the second time that we’re moving just before Thanksgiving. You might think that it would be difficult to move this time of year when things are so hectic, but to be honest, it feels oddly appropriate to me.

My husband and I are people who are constantly renovating, changing and critiquing things in our home, and it’s so nice to have a forced opportunity to slow down, take stock of our home, and recognize how truly thankful we are for it.

Taking the time to recognize how much our home means to us is especially important during this move because when we moved from our first home and into our current one, we were far too anxious to move on. We got caught up in the excitement of the move, and the potential of the new house, and we never took the time to properly say goodbye.

We didn’t all stand in the empty living room and take a moment to say a quiet “thank you” to the home that protected us for 6 years. We didn’t take a final photo of our family next to the front door. We didn’t reminisce about all of the sweet memories that happened in that home.

And, every time I think back to that first house, I feel a little twinge of sadness that we didn’t recognize how thankful we were for it before we left.

This time around, I’d argue that we’re even more excited about the move because we’re building the most incredible home that we absolutely cannot wait to get our hands on…but we refuse to make the same mistake again!

As we head into the final two weeks before our move (just two weeks!), it feels like the perfect time to take a moment to recognize our little ol’ house for what it means to us and how thankful we are for it.

If it weren’t for our current house and the sacrifice we made living in this much-smaller-than-average space for a couple of years, we never would have been able to afford to build what we hope will be our forever home.

This house is the home we brought our second child home to, and the house where we watched our oldest son turn into the best big brother ever.

In this house, we watched football games, had movie nights, gathered with friends, and we poured our hearts and souls into renovating it and giving it a new life.

It’s the house that kept us safe, warm, dry, and together for two whole years. We often take for granted how absolutely incredible it is to have a space to come to that’s ours at the end of each day. It’s our sanctuary, our haven, and it has truly become more than just a house – it’s our home.

This time, when moving day rolls around, I’m going to make sure to be present. Sure, I’ll be excited about the new house and all of the promise it holds. But I’ll also take a moment to walk through this house and say goodbye. I’ll force the family to sit in a circle on the living room floor and share some favorite memories of this house.

And I’ll absolutely be stopping to get one last photo of our family standing by the front door before we pass off those keys.

I’m more than a little ready to get settled in our new bigger, fancier house, and I’m beyond thankful that the stars aligned and we were able to purchase this brand new house that is more beautiful than anything I could have dreamed up. I hope to be able to share all sorts of fun projects, ideas, and inspiration with you here about that new home in the weeks and months to come… but for now, I want to just say a sweet goodbye and a heartfelt thank you to the home we’ve loved for the last two years.


This holiday season, I’d like to challenge my own family (and everyone reading this!) to spend some actual time pausing and showing some gratitude to your home. It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the renovations we want to do, all of the decor we want to change, and all of the shortcomings of our homes, but we are so blessed to have this space to call our own.

I’ve learned that when I’m intentional about recognizing all of the things I love about my home, the things that I don’t love seem to matter much less. When I think about the potential my home holds and all that it can be with a little bit of love and elbow grease, all of those little things that bother me suddenly become exciting opportunities.

So this Thanksgiving season here’s to the spaces that keep us warm and safe. Here’s to the imperfections, the too-small bedrooms, and the bathrooms with the ugly tile. Here’s to a place to call our own, and a place to kick our feet up at the end of the day.

Here’s to home.

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Amanda and Corey Hendrix

Amanda & Corey Hendrix bought their first home in 2011 and love to share their renovation and decorating adventures on their blog, Love & Renovations. They love to encourage homeowners to have the confidence to make their house a home, and believe that anyone can tackle DIY projects in their home. You can follow their adventures at loveandrenovations.comInstagramFacebook, or Pinterest.

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  1. Amanda this such a good point.. we will definitely be taking some time this weekend to do exactly that. I also must remember to thank the house when we move out next year. Great post!

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