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Shaquille O’Neal Lists Grand Bell Canyon Mansion for $2.5 Million

Listing his home at $2.5 million Shaquille O’Neal’s property stands tall in the heart of California’s beloved Bell Canyon. The 5,217-square-foot home is eye-catching in more ways than one. What are those ways? You’re going to have to see this for yourself.

Everyone loves Shaq. I mean, seriously, how can you not? Standing over seven feet tall, Shaquille O’Neal is considered one of basketball’s best players. He’s made himself a household name, but it’s not just his basketball career that makes the man, the myth, the legend, so popular, it’s all of his other ventures in other markets too. He’s made a platinum rap album, starred in movies, hosts his own podcast, completed his MBA, became an honorary U.S. Deputy Marshal, owns a Krispy Kreme, and invested in nine Papa John’s stores. That’s a lot for one man to accomplish, and the list goes on, but now it looks like he’s diving into the world of real estate.

Listing his home at $2.5 million, the five-bedroom, five-bathroom property stands tall in the heart of California’s beloved Bell Canyon. The 5,217-square-foot home is eye-catching in more ways than one. Sitting in California’s hilly-side, the perfect amount of privacy is offered to any potential buyers but the grandiosity of the mansion is still within sight for people to awe at.

shaq house

Entering the home, a grand staircase and high ceilings help set the stage for what to expect out of O’Neal’s place of residence. The white base of the home is accented by dark or bright pops of color. Staged with an abundance of artwork that brings the home’s character to light, it’s clear O’Neal wanted to give a glimpse into his personal interests, in addition to the place he’s called home.

shaq living room

To the left of the entryway you can find an office space fit for a legend. Built-in cabinetry provides plenty of storage while natural light can flow through the two large windows that expand across the back wall. Light reflects off the lustrous dark wood flooring and bounces onto the black walls, breaking up this space from the rest of the home in a beautiful way. You can also find a portrait of O’Neal in his office space, and if you’d like, maybe you can make an offer on the home so it includes the painting of the man himself! Personal offer letters, anyone?

shaq study

The kitchen continues to flow with the modern theme of the house. Clean lines and light gray countertops add some differentiation from the white cabinetry and marble flooring. Stainless steel appliances are featured in the gourmet kitchen, and it even includes an industrial-sized refrigerator. Now, that’s something I can get behind!

shaquille o'neal kitchen

Even O’Neal’s master bedroom offers luxury at every turn. The ensuite has vaulted ceilings with white wooden beams that contrast from the light gray carpeting and walls. A seating area makes the space cozy while the bathroom makes you want to indulge in a day off just to unwind and relax.

bedroom with gray and white accents

To top it all off, the home includes a heated pool and spa, a fire pit (perfect for outdoor entertaining), and sits on an acre of land that’s within walking distance to the community center!

backyard with a pool at night

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